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8 Decorative Lights for College Students

String lights with text: decorative lights for college dorms student life
Part of the fun of living away from home means you can decorate your dorm room or apartment anyway you want. If you’ve always wanted to install decorative lighting, this is the perfect time to do that. We’ve found some interesting decorative lighting options for college students. Some of these are cute, others are more …
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7 Great Items for College Roommate Living

Two roommates studying and text: great items for college roommate student life
Life with a college roommate can be a roller-coaster. There are times when you think you’ll be BFFs, and there are times when you wish you were living by yourself. Whatever your situation with your roommate, these essentials will help make the year easier—and hopefully more fun. Check them out below! Knock Knock All Out …
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5 Unique Gifts for Psychology Majors

Brain icon with text: unique gifts for psychology majors student life
Looking for the ideal gift for your favorite psychology major? We have found five fun options filled with wit, whimsy, and cleverness! Students studying the fascinating field of human behavior are sure to love any of these great psychology gifts. Check them out! Freudian Sticky Notes by the Unemployed Philosophers Guild For better or worse, …
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8 Neat Tech Gifts for College Students

Motherboard with text: neat tech gifts for college students student life
Technology can be a wonderful thing. Especially in college. Tech can make college life and work a bit easier, or more manageable. As such, we’ve come up with a great list of tech gifts for students.  Check them out!  Echo Dot by Amazon The Echo Dot is designed to make everyone’s life easier. It works …
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5 Ways to Keep Cool in College

Popsicle icon on pool background with text: how to keep cool in college student life
Whether it only gets hot in the summer time when you attend college, or you face high temperatures year round, do you know how to keep cool? The last thing you want to do is overheat. This can definitely be the case if your dorm room doesn’t have air conditioning, you’re squeezing a few more …
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5 Interesting Gifts for Biology Majors

Dewy leaves with text: interesting gifts for biology majors student life
As the study of life, biology is a wildly important field. That’s why biology majors are so important! Whether their focus is on the environment, human body, or zoology, biologists play an important role in understanding and preserving our world. So reward the future biologists in your life with a little present. Here are 5 …
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6 Handy Space Savers for College Dorms

Galaxy with text: handy space savers for college dorms student life
Dorm rooms are small and have limited storage options. They are, after all, temporary housing. But this doesn’t mean you have to suffer with clutter or bring a limited supply of your favorite things. We’ve found six space savers that can help you keep everything together and organized. And your room will look neat and …
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Quirky Math Gifts for Mathematics Majors

Numbers on an orange background with text: quirky math gifts for college students student life
Do you have a Mathematics major in your family? Is a close friend studying the subject? It doesn’t have to be difficult to find the right gift for their birthday or an upcoming holiday! If you’re stuck on ideas for them, these five quirky math gifts can help you appreciate the math major in your …
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6 Nifty Door Decorations for Your College Dorm

Yellow door with text: Nifty door decorations for college students student life
One of the best parts about living in a dorm is decorating it! But where do you get started? How about right at the entryway? The door is the perfect place! Make a lasting first impression to any visitors or passersby. These six door decorations are sure to bring some personality to your dorm’s front …
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