College Care Package 101

Sending a college care package is a nice way to support your loved ones during their busy college days—especially if they’re still adjusting to being on their own. But what do you include in care packages for college students? We’ve collected some college care package ideas and packing tips to help you brighten any college student’s day!

1. Back to the Basics Bundle

They’re technically an adult now but let’s face it… there will be times when they drop their toothbrush on the floor of the shared bathroom or don’t realize they’re out of deodorant until they walk out of the gym. 

Supplying a college student with their basic needs goes a long way, especially if they’re on a tight budget. Buy and pack their preferred brands of deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, soap, hygiene products, a first-aid kit, or any other item they use daily. Items like these are useful and always great to have on hand. 

2. Snack Pack

Home care packages can help you with homesickness

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Do you remember how difficult it was to keep a consistent eating schedule in college? The college student in your life is probably in the same boat. A snack care package is a great solution for busy students. Fill it with healthy snacks like nuts, dried fruit, and protein bars, and slip in a sweet treat or two just for fun. This will keep them fed on the go.  

3. Comfort Box

Care packages for college students don’t only have to fulfill the basics. Remember, they are adults now. They are going to go through stressful times and are seeking ways to cope with high levels of stress while often juggling multiple classes, a job, or extracurriculars. Make these times easier with care package ideas that bring them comfort. Pack up a candle, a fuzzy blanket, warm slippers, stress-relief fidgets, or a new pair of pajamas. Include something that reminds them of home for when homesickness strikes. 

4. Study Kit

There are many late-night study sessions during college, especially during exam season. So why not create a care package that will make their study time more enjoyable? Consider some energy-boosting snacks, a gift card for coffee, highlighters, a notebook, sticky notes, and maybe even a handwritten note with your own motivational message.   

5. Self Care Case

Most spas aren’t within a college budget, so send the spa to them! Ship some shower fizzles or bath bombs, oils, face masks, a hand-held massager, and a nice bathrobe along with a custom, relaxing playlist. They deserve to be pampered after putting their brain to work all day!

Consider Transit Conditions

Care packages for college students are a great way to demonstrate your love and appreciation for them, so you want to ensure they arrive intact. Make sure you have a box that is big enough to hold all of the items without smushing them, and that all openings are sealed properly.

If you are including fragile items like glass, wrap them in bubble wrap or packaging paper so they don’t get damaged during transit. Also, consider weather conditions at the departure and arrival locations. No one wants a melted chocolate bar or a soggy envelope! 

Before you head to the post office, know what to expect in terms of shipping costs and speeds and what packing materials you’ll need to consider to get the package there safely. See the “know before you go” package sending instructions.

College care packages aren’t just about the contents, but the gesture itself. In the hustle and bustle of college life, knowing that someone cares enough to send a care package will make them feel valued and help to subside their homesickness. Plus, college care packages are another way to stay connected and show your student that you always have their best interest in mind. 

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