How to Make a Home Care Package for Your College Student

Make college care packages for your homesick student!

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After a few weeks of college, many students can start feeling quite homesick, especially if they go to a school far away from home. These are where home care packages come in! Here are some things you should include in their college care packages:

Their Favorite Treats

Everyone has a favorite snack, candy, or food. If your college student can’t easily get these, they might be missing it as much as they miss home. Throw a few of their favorites in the box.

If you want to go the extra step, definitely think about including something homemade! Ensure it’s wrapped well so it survives the trip (and that it isn’t quickly perishable).

Late Night Snacks

Your student may often be staying up later to get work done. In some cases, this might be later than the college’s cafeterias stay open. Late night snacks can be a life saver.

If they have a microwave, soup and macaroni and cheese can be easily made. Avoid sending items that have to be refrigerated, as they may go bad before they even arrive to your child’s dorm.

Things to Make Life Easier

For freshman, it can be difficult knowing all the things they will need or want while they’re away from home. After all, you only have so much space in your dorm room, so many students are careful not to over-pack. However, there are a few small items that they may have forgotten and now wish they had.

Stainless steel water bottles they can carry around campus can be a great choice. Whether they want water, coffee, or tea, it makes taking their favorite drink to class even easier. If they can use their laptop during classes, a laptop case is another good idea.

Gift Cards

You can never go wrong with gift cards! Cards for Amazon or eBay can help them pick up those must have items they forgot, while local gift cards can have them getting out and about in town more often.

Money for a good meal at a local restaurant is also a great idea! Make sure you check reviews and menus online to ensure your child will like that place.

Hand Written Note

There’s nothing like a letter from home. Long or short, they can truly be the perfect touch on a home care package. It can just be saying “Hello! We miss you!” with love or it can be a longer piece, talking about the pets, the neighborhood, memories, or something else.

Add your personal touches to the note and talk to your college student as if they were there in front of you. It’s sure to be a hit!

You can absolutely buy prepackaged care boxes online for your college student, but there’s nothing like a care package from home, made with love. Think about your child’s interests and make sure to include a few surprises in there for them! It can make being away from home so much easier.

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