10 Fun Things To Do in December

Spice up your December with this list of fun things to do in the winter. We’ve rounded up activities for all to enjoy this season. December is a time filled with holidays and cozy cheer. No matter where you are, in a cold or warm climate, you can bring on all the comfy feels with these fun things to do.

Outdoor Activities

This section of the list is more likely going to be for the people living in cooler winter climates. However, it’s not unheard of to have these same activities in indoor settings. Search for activities such as indoor ice skating rinks or indoor sledding near you to participate in the wintery fun!

1. Ice Skating

People may frequently get intimidated by ice skating, believing that you have to be good at it in order to go. But don’t let that deter you! Ice skating can be for people of all skill levels. No matter if you are just starting out or are a skilled skater, add ice skating to your list of fun things to do in December. Follow it up with a cup of hot coffee or hot chocolate with friends and it’s bound to be a fun time.

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2. Sledding & Skiing

If you haven’t been sledding since you were younger, take this as your sign to go this December. Get a group of friends on board and find a local sledding hill near you. If you have a ski hill nearby, sometimes they also have tube sledding hills that can be super fun.

Speaking of skiing, it can be such a fun December activity. Imagine hitting the slopes with your best friends, skiing all day, then coming back for a cozy dinner all exhausted from a day of snow and fun. Did you know some ski hills have student discounts? Search [name of ski hill near you] + student discount online to see if there are any deals available!

3. Build a Snowman

Don’t knock this seemingly childish activity just because it’s something you associate kids doing. When was the last time you built a snowman? It actually can be really fun. If you go to college somewhere cold and there’s snow before the time you leave for winter break, rally some friends together and try building a snowman. If you live at a college house and have a yard you could build it right there in your front yard for everyone to see. Get creative and think outside of the box while building your snowman. Check out these creative ways to build a snowman.

Crafts & Baking

If you are looking for solo or group activities, crafts and baking activities may be right up your alley. For many of these ideas, you may already have all of the supplies or ingredients necessary to make your masterpiece, making them a convenient December activity. 

4. DIY Holiday Decorations

It may feel difficult to get in the holiday and winter spirit if you are used to having decorations around. Try making paper Christmas lights, snow garlands, or this giant pool noodle wreath. You can spread your homemade decorations around your dorm, apartment, or house for a little added cheer. Put on some holiday tunes or movies and have fun crafting!

5. Gingerbread Houses

Stores such as Target and Walmart have simple gingerbread kits with either premade houses or ones you assemble yourself. Or if you are feeling extra crafty and in a baking mood try making gingerbread houses from scratch and constructing your own house design. You can get fun decorations like sprinkles, gumdrops, or whatever else you can come up with!

6. Make and Decorate Cookies

This one is a classic December and holiday activity. Making and decorating cookies can be a fun way to incorporate your friends or family into your December activities. You could even make cookie decorating a whole night of events full of a holiday dinner, festive drinks, and holiday music!

Specialty Events

This next section of the list is for specialty events. These events may only take place in certain cities or areas or may be things you can find anywhere or create no matter where you are. But what all these things have in common is that they are sure to get you in the holiday spirit and can be fun things to do in December.

7. Christkindlmarket

We could make a whole list of just fun things to do in Chicago in December. The city in the winter comes alive with holiday cheer and cozy feelings as snow falls all around. The Chirstkindlmarket happens in three different areas in Illinois (Aurora, Wrigleyville, and Chicago) and it’s a celebration of German and European tradition. It’s an outdoor market filled with food, gifts, and holiday cheer. 

8. Rockefeller Center

Just like Chicago, New York could fill up its own separate list of fun things to do in NYC in December, but for now, we are highlighting a magical ice skating rink, the Rockefeller Center in December. This scene full of lights and a giant Christmas tree is a fun way to celebrate the holidays in an iconic location. If you find yourself in New York City this December, add this to your activity bucket list. 

9. Nutcracker

This ballet is all about the holiday spirit. Search around your local theatres and performing arts center to see if there are any performances of The Nutcracker happening. And if you’ve never seen a ballet before, here’s your chance. Exploring new shows and activities can be a great way to learn and be exposed to more things and new adventures.

10. Hot Chocolate & Movie Night

This last fun December activity may be a classic. Whether it’s a solo night, you and a friend, a large group, or just family, hot chocolate and a movie night can be a great way to relax and take in the season. To make this night even more special, try making hot chocolate from scratch or try one of these specialty hot chocolate recipes and turn it into a whole holiday-themed event.

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