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Why Are the Ivy Leagues Called the “Ivy Leagues?”

Princeton University ivy-covered hall building. questions & answers
Harvard, Yale, UPenn, Princeton, Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth, and Cornell: These eight schools make up the high academic standard world of the Ivy League. But how did the name come about? Does ivy have anything to do with it? Ivy Vines More than likely. Some schools covered themselves in ivy in the European style. Students even …
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What Are “Hidden Ivies?”

What are hidden ivies? questions & answers
You’ve heard of the Ivy League Schools (Harvard, Yale, Princeton, etc), but have you ever heard of the “Hidden Ivies?” Here’s a rundown of what that phrase means, how it pertains to your college applications, and how they compare to Ivy League Schools. What Are The “Hidden Ivies?” The Hidden Ivies are schools that are …
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When Should You Start Visiting Colleges?

When should you start your college visits? questions & answers
While there is no single best time to start visiting college campuses, there are a few things you should keep in mind in order to make the most of your college visits. You can start your sophomore year If you have any colleges nearby, scheduling at least a couple of visits during your sophomore year …
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What is an HSI?

An HSI is dedicated to the higher education of Hispanic and Latino students in the US. questions & answers
You may have seen the term “HSI” pop up during your college searches. HSI stands for Hispanic-Serving Institution. Like an HBCU (Historically Black College/University), HSIs dedicate themselves to the higher education of Hispanic and Latino students within the United States of America. What an HSI strives for The goal of these institutions is to increase …
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What Is An HBCU?

What is an HBCU exactly? questions & answers
In your college explorations, you’ll hear the term “HBCU” tossed around every now and then about a school. These letters stand for “Historically Black College and/or University”. The name conveys a few facts about the associated schools. What is an HBCU? By hearing this acronym, you understand that people established these schools with the primary …
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How Are Non-Profit Colleges Different From For-Profit Colleges?

What's the difference between nonprofit vs for-profit colleges? questions & answers
As you read reviews and write-ups of different colleges you will find that all colleges are categorized as either ‘for-profit’ or ‘non-profit’. So what exactly does this mean and how does it affect you? Take a look at the differences between nonprofit vs for-profit colleges. What Is A Non-Profit College? A non-profit college’s sole purpose …
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What Does “Overall Match” and “Academic Match” Mean on

College Raptor wants you to know what "overall match" and "academic match" mean questions & answers
College Raptor is a college discovery website. We can help match you to colleges you may not have considered, or show you your acceptance odds and overall match for colleges you’re already interested in. But what do we mean by match? Specifically, what does “overall match” and “academic match” mean? Academic Match When you filled …
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