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What is an HBCU exactly?
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What Is An HBCU?

In your college explorations, you’ll hear the term “HBCU” tossed around every now and then about a school. These letters stand for “Historically Black College and/or University”. The name conveys a few facts about the associated schools. What is an HBCU? By hearing this acronym, you understand that people established these schools with the primary …
Do you choose a college far from home or one nearby?
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Should I Pick a College Far From Home or Nearby?

Some students can’t wait to get away from their hometown to explore somewhere far from home, others are a little hesitant to venture too far. This is a big conundrum that many (if not most) students face during their college search process. But a lot of factors go into picking which college you attend, and …
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What’s the Right Mix of Safety Schools vs. Reach Schools on Your College List?

When building your college list, you’ll want to the right mix of “safety schools”, “match schools” and “reach schools.” But what does that mean? And how many should you have of each? What Does Safety Schools, Match Schools, and Reach Schools Mean? There are three different “types” of schools when it comes to the chance …
Here's how to choose which colleges to visit.
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How Can I Decide on Which Colleges I Should Visit?

College visits allow you to get a first-hand look at your shortlisted institutions. You get a feel of the community and environment, enabling you to narrow down your list of preferred colleges even further. Here’s how to choose which colleges to visit if you can’t visit them all: Ideally, you visit all of them. Ideally, …
What questions should you ask colleges about their colleges?
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Questions to Ask Colleges About Their Graduates

Student life, campus atmosphere and academic opportunities are all vital aspects of a college’s make-up. But when you’re looking at colleges, remember: the college experience itself is only a few years. What will happen after you graduate and launch into the world? For every college on your list, dig around to see how their graduates fare …
Does student-to-faculty ratio actually matter?
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Do Student-To-Faculty Ratios Matter?

The student-to-faculty ratio is one of the criteria many parents use in assessing colleges. Should this really be a deciding factor when choosing a college? Should you really take this ratio into consideration? A low student-to-faculty ratio does have advantages. Well, the truth is, there are advantages to attending a college with a low student-to-faculty …
What will happen during your college tour?
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What Will I Experience on a College Tour?

Visiting a campus is a great way to determine which schools rate highly on your list. Physically standing at the heart of campus, seeing the dorms, and touring the school buildings can give you a sense of what that college feels like. For many students, the prospect of college becomes “real” for them while taking …