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What if I Can’t Afford a College Visit?

What should you do if you can't afford to visit a college? questions & answers
Visiting a college you’re interested in is an integral part of the college selection process. During a visit, students get an in-depth look at a potential school, get a feel for the campus and atmosphere, and can ask questions to current students and faculty. They can even sit-in on classes! But if you can’t afford …
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What is Academic Misconduct?

Academic misconduct covers more than just plagiarism. questions & answers
Some people hear the term “academic misconduct” and instantly think of plagiarism. But the truth is, the concept is much wider than just that. We are committing academic misconduct by doing things like cheating on homework, damaging the school’s property, or altering university documents. Plagiarism Plagiarism is taking someone else’s ideas and making them look …
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Why are Graduation Rates so Low Across the Country?

Graduating students in red robes and caps sitting together. questions & answers
More and more often, we see schools that grant bachelor’s degrees having low 4-year graduation rates. Some programs seem to extend to 5 or even 6 years frequently. However, even across these extra years, the rates can be low. The same applies to schools that grant associate’s degrees; only 28% of students graduated with an …
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What is a Sea Grant College?

Sea grant colleges focus on marine science. questions & answers
What is it? In 1966 Congress passed an act called the National Sea Grant College Program Act. In partnership with NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), the program would promote research, education, training, and projects in relation to conservation of coasts, marine areas, and Great Lakes resources. There are 33 colleges and universities taking part …
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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a First-Generation College Student?

A student sitting at a desk, reading a book. questions & answers
Getting ready to attend college is a very stressful stage in a young person’s life. We think the stress will disappear once we actually start the classes, but the truth is it stays there. Some students have their parents, or their older siblings, to give support and guidance during these hard years filled with new …
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What’s the Difference Between a College and a University?

So, what's the difference between a college and a university? questions & answers
So, what’s the difference between a college and a university? Short answer: the degrees awarded, but there’s so much more than that. In the United States, people sometimes use the terms “college” and “university” interchangeably to describe institutions which provide post-secondary education. While there is no official distinction between the words, there may be situations …
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Are There Any Resources for First-Generation College Students?

There are plenty of resources for first-generation college students. questions & answers
The answer is yes! In the world of higher education, about 30% of all students are first-generation, meaning they are the first in their family to attend a college. Because they are a large portion of students today, colleges and universities need to have resources available for them. First-Generation Scholarships There are many scholarships out …
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What are Sun Grant Colleges?

The Sun Grant brings together top science, agriculture, and engineering technologies at the institutions questions & answers
The United States Congress passed the Sun Grant Research Initiative Act of 2003 in an effort to pair land-grant universities with national laboratories and other groups to work towards creating a more sustainable country with domestically produced energy. The Sun Grant Centers are the land-grant university representatives for their regions of the United States. The …
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