Is College Worth It? Why College Is More Important Than Ever

Student at computer with text: Is college worth it?Many high schoolers, and even their parents, ask now, “Is college worth it?” It’s a valid question. After all, you hear in the news constantly about the growing student loan debt, the fluxing economy, job market, and more. No doubt, the college journey isn’t an easy one. A ton of effort goes into it. However, in the end, college is more important than ever.

Here’s why.

Is College Worth It?

There is no doubt that college is absolutely worth it. The education and degree helps set you on a career path with the knowledge and connections you need to succeed. But college is much more than just a degree. Education doesn’t end in the classroom.

In addition to the degree itself, you also learn life long skills that come with college living. This includes learning to network (with fellow students, faculty, and professors), debate, have meaningful discussions, live on your own, and develop much needed social skills.

There are other major reasons though that college is worth it, beyond learning life long skills: job opportunities and financial returns.

You Need a Degree For Most Job Opportunities

Most jobs now require college degrees or education to be hired, even if they didn’t require them in the past. Georgetown University did a calculation that found that, based on economy and job projections, over 60% of positions would require some sort of college education or degree in order to be hired. This growth in job opportunities absolutely makes college worth it, since you probably will need it to get your dream career.

And although many college students hear it’s tough finding a job, in November of 2018, the unemployment rates for college graduates hit a historic low (2.2%).

Your degree can also help work in substitute of experience. If you find the perfect job for you, but discover they would like experience and don’t mention a degree, it’s possible you could explain that although you do not have experience in the field, you do have a degree that pertains to the job. This could land you an offer.

The Financial Returns Are There

Another reason a college degree is worth it is due to the monetary value of the degree. It has been shown that college graduates do make more money than those who only have a high school diploma. Graduates can make 71% to 136% higher when compared to those who only graduated from high school.

Another statistic to look at is the income. The average income for a person with a high school diploma was just over $35,500 in 2016. For bachelor’s degrees, graduates had average incomes of just over $65,000. And for even higher degrees, the average was about $92,500.

Although many high school students and their parents wonder, “Is college worth it?” The answer is always a resounding yes. Not only do you learn must know skills, for both your social and daily life, you can also stand to earn more and get that job opportunity you’re after.

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