Hidden Gems Colleges: An Interview with Bill Staib

Every year, College Raptor releases a list of “Hidden Gems” College Rankings (in addition to the “Best Colleges” Rankings. We had some time to chat with College Raptor’s President and CEO William Staib about:

  • Why College Raptor is important to him personally
  • What “Hidden Gems” Colleges are
  • How College Raptor users can use these lists as a jumping-off point to searching for colleges
  • And ultimately, how you can find a great college match for your situation.

Watch Bill Staib on Hidden Gems College Rankings

The goal of College Raptor’s rankings is to put the spotlight on amazing schools that you may not have heard of before. Check out all the 2023 Hidden Gem Schools.

Ready to find your perfect college match? Use College Raptor’s College Match Tool to find your college matches based on admission chances, price, and match categories.

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