10 Interesting Celebrity SAT Scores

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is a standardized test that high school students must take before applying to colleges. It’s hosted by the College Board and thousands of students take it each year before attending a community college or university. Have you ever wondered about famous people’s SAT scores? In a way, they’re just like us and have to take the same entrance exams to get into college. Celebrity SAT scores are so interesting to look at because we tend to hold them to higher standards. However, College admissions committees would view their scores the same way they view ours. SAT examinations have no bias! Some of these celebrities have perfect SAT scores while others don’t. 

College Raptor’s favorite Celebrity SAT scores. 

  1. Mark Zuckerberg. The founder of Facebook scored the perfect 1600 on the SAT and attended Harvard University. There’s no surprise there on the score or prestigious university!
  2. Natalie Portman. This Academy Award-winning actress scored over 1400 on her SAT and also attended Harvard University. Do you think she and Zuckerberg were in the same lecture hall at some point?
  3. Stephen King. King, the author of many horror books we know and love, scored over 1300 on his SAT. He graduated from the University of Maine and went on to become an award-winning author.
  4. Al Gore. The former VP, Al Gore, scored 1355 on his SAT and studied at Harvard University.
  5. Scarlett Johansson. Though Scarlett Johansson scored 1080 on her SAT test, she did not attend college! But no one can take away from her wildly successful acting career.
  6. Ke$ha: The pop star Ke$ha scored a whopping 1500 on her SAT and attended Barnard College but did not graduate.
  7. Howard Stern. Stern, the American radio personality, scored 830 on his SAT test and ended up attending Boston University.
  8. Will Smith. Though we don’t know the exact score for the Men in Black actor, it is said to be close to 1600!
  9. Bill Gates. The co-founder of Microsoft also has a near-perfect score of 1590, but we aren’t surprised. He is the co-founder of Microsoft after all!
  10. Amy Tan. The author known for The Joy Luck Club scored in the 1100s on her SAT test and attended two campuses of the University of California.

What are “Good” Test Scores?

The maximum score you can get on your SAT test is 1600 while the lowest possible score is 400. The average SAT score for students in 2021 was 1060 but more prestigious colleges will require a higher score. Princeton’s Class of 2024 had an average SAT score of 1500. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) had an average score of 1400 for its incoming students. Don’t let these high SAT scores discourage you though! You can get accepted into other colleges with lower SAT scores and still receive scholarships. 

How to Score High on the SAT 

If you want to follow in some of these famous people’s footsteps, it’s important to study hard for the SAT. Take the SAT test prep exams to understand the format better so you’re more confident during the real test. By taking practice tests, you’ll be able to work on your test-taking skills without wasting money on the real test. Standardized tests can bring out the work in test takers, which is why you should prepare early. 

Make sure to sign up for the SAT early so you can know your test date in advance. You’ll be able to make a study schedule to ensure you know all the material before it’s time to put your knowledge to the test. 

Use College Raptor’s college search tool to find your dream schools and see the minimum SAT score requirements reach for those goals! Who knows, maybe you’ll see some famous faces in your testing room! 

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