How to Sign Up for the SAT

So it’s time to take your SAT! Before you can actually sit for the exam, you do need to sign up for it. But how do you do that, and what do you need to know before you even register for the college entrance exam? We’ll cover everything you need to know about signing up for the SAT and preparing in this article.

What to Know Before Signing Up for the SAT

Before you sign up for the SAT, there are a few things you should consider beforehand.

Chart of SAT 2022-2023 dates.

SAT Test Dates and Availability

The SAT isn’t available on any date – there are very specific days and times set aside for the exam. You’ll need to consider your availability and, if you need a ride, someone else’s ability to get you to the SAT on that date. While you can change or cancel your registration before certain dates, it’s better to have this all squared away beforehand as adjusting your test can result in fees.

The test also has registration deadlines. You can’t simply sign up for a test the day before! For example, in 2023, there is an SAT on June 3rd. The registration deadline for this exam is May 4th and the deadline for any changes or late registration (with fees) is May 23rd.

Testing Locations

Only certain schools and locations will offer the SAT, and not all may be convenient to you. It’s quite possible your high school will not be one of those locations. This is especially important to note when you are signing up if you need a ride to the exam.

College Board, who hosts the SAT, has a simple to use Test Center Search tool that can help you find the colleges, schools, and other locations that are offering the exam on any given test date. Changing your test center after registration can come with additional fees.

Registration Fees

Currently, in 2022, the registration fee for the SAT is $60. However, there are fee waivers available to students who demonstrate financial need. It’s important to have this squared away before your test date, especially if you need the waiver.

There can be other fees for the SAT if you cancel or change your test date:

  • Changing your test center ($25)
  • Canceling registration by the change deadline ($25)
  • Canceling registration after the change deadline ($35)
  • Late registration ($30)

How To Sign Up for the SAT

In order to sign up for the SAT, students need to head to the College Board website. There, students can make an account which allows them to register for the exam and also see their results afterwards.

It’s important to note that registration for the SAT must be done by the student – not a teacher, parent, guardian, or anyone else. Signing up requires your full name, address, and a picture of yourself. All information provided should match your photo ID.

What Should You Do After You Register for the SAT?

After you register for the SAT, you may be tempted to cram before your test date and wait until the last minute to study, but that’s actually the opposite of what you should do! It’s important to start studying now rather than later – the SAT isn’t something you can cram for!

Practice tests, apps for your phone, tutors, books, and online resources can all aid you for the exam. Some high schools even offer opportunities for study groups or SAT prep for their students.

What Do You Need to Bring on Your SAT Test Date?

 When your test date rolls around, you need to have everything required in order to be allowed into the SAT and do well on the exam.

  • A printed admission ticket
  • Photo ID
  • Approved calculator
  • 2 No. 2 pencils with erasers

A mask may also be required. In addition, students should plan to bring snacks and drinks for breaks. Medication, under certain circumstances, can also be permitted. Cell phones should be left at home or in the car – if you bring it with you to the exam, and it rings, you could be dismissed from the SAT.

Signing up for the SAT is the easy part of the exam! You really only have to head over to the College Board, pick a test date and location, and pay the fee or supply the fee waiver! It’s the afterwards part, the studying, that is difficult.

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