Your Guide on How to Change an SAT Date

As your SAT date approaches, you may be wondering – Can I change the test date? You can… under certain circumstances. Here are some reasons you might want to change your SAT test date, plus some steps you’ll need to take to take your exam on a different day and additional advice on whether or not you should change your exam date.

Why Should You Change Your SAT Date?

There are usually two reasons you might want to change your SAT date: you’re not prepared or the date no longer works for your schedule.

1. You’re Not Prepared for the SAT

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How much time have you spent studying for the SAT since you selected a test date? How many practice tests have you taken? If the answers to these questions are “little to none,” you may just want to change your exam day.

Failing to be prepared for the SAT can truly impact your college choices, and may even result in you getting a rejection letter from your dream college. While many schools say the test is optional now, that doesn’t mean it won’t give you the boost you need over other students who did sit for the exam (or the ACT). 

2. You Have a Scheduling Conflict

Of course, life happens, and you may just have an unavoidable scheduling conflict that coincides with your SAT exam. While you should still try to make your SAT date, you may not be able to. In these cases, you should reschedule your test with any future obligations in mind.

When Can You Change Your SAT Date?

The deadline for changing an SAT test date depends on the actual date of the SAT. Generally, students should reschedule their exams about 1-2 weeks before the test date to avoid further fees. For exact deadlines, visit the College Board website. These are also the deadlines for cancellation and late registration.

You should change your SAT test date as soon as you know it no longer works for you.

How Can You Reschedule your SAT?

To reschedule your SAT, you need to log into your College Board account. There, students will find links to change registration details and test dates. Students have to cancel their existing test date and reregister. 

However, if you do change your SAT date, you need to note a few things

  • There is a $25 fee for canceling your registration 
  • There is a $35 fee for canceling your registration after the deadline
  • If you are selecting a test date past the registration deadline, late fees may apply
  • There are fee waivers available
  • You need to print off your new admissions ticket and bring it with you to the test

Always Keep Your College Application in Mind Before Changing Your SAT Date

Colleges often require SAT scores before a certain date in order to be attached to your application in January. This means the latest you should schedule the SAT is by December to ensure your results are given to your school in January. If you are applying under Early Action or Early Decision, you may even need your scores a bit earlier.

If you are changing a test date, you will want to keep these deadlines in mind as well. Scheduling your exam too late could mean your schools never see your score!

Colleges that have rolling admissions, however, may accept your SAT by a later date. And some schools have made the SAT optional or refuse to accept any SAT or ACT scores from their applicants. So if you have any questions about when you can take the final SAT in order to count towards your college application, reach out to the admissions department for more information.

Think before you act

Changing your SAT date is easy! You simply have to log into your College Board account, cancel your current exam, and schedule a new one. However, before you do this, you should always consider if it’s the best option for your education. Some students may be cutting it to the wire and not truly have time to reschedule before college applications are due, even if they feel they’re unprepared. There are also fees associated with rescheduling. Whatever you choose, make sure you’ve thought about it from all angles.

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