Your Guide to National Student Employment Week

The National Student Employment Week takes place on April 9-15, 2023, always falling on the second full week of April every year. College Raptor is here to show student staff members just how impactful they can be on their college campus and that their outstanding work is appreciated throughout the academic year. Student employees are appreciated across campuses all over the U.S. And we’re with each college when they say they are so grateful to have you! 

History of National Student Employment Week

National Student Employment Week was established by the National Student Employment Association (NSEA) just 35 years ago in 1988! They started this week-long celebration to encourage colleges to employ students with their programs and support them while they’re receiving their education. When employers show appreciation to their employees, there is an incentive to stay longer and do great work on the job. 

What Are Student Employees?

Student employees and student employment professionals are college students who are employed by the college. From admin assistants to library attendants, student employees help each college campus run smoothly and efficiently. The people you see working in the dining halls? Student employees! The people who check you into your dorm building? Also student employees!

They truly are the backbone of your college campus. Being a student employee is a great way to get work experience, add more to your resume, and even network on your college campus. You get to make some extra cash while going to school and what’s great is that a lot of these jobs will work around your college course schedule. 

Each campus is run by staff and student employees that make your college thrive in its own unique way. National Student Employment Week is so important each year because colleges take their time to show their appreciation to hard-working student employees. Without student employees, colleges would have to hire outside employees and those who aren’t part of the campus community. When they hire students, they know that these students care about college campus life because they are part of it!

Employing students also helps college students earn extra money while studying. Each paycheck can make a difference for college students, especially if they don’t receive financial help from their parents, family, or scholarships. Students can use this money for groceries, rent, and anything else.  

How to Become a Student Employee

If you want to become a student employee, you usually need to be enrolled in a college and have a good academic standing. Just like any other job, you’ll apply with your resume and interview to see if you’re the right fit. Here are a few interview tips from College Raptor:

  1. Show up Early. Show up to your interview at least 10 minutes early to show that you’re punctual and eager for this job. 
  2. Wear Professional Clothes. Wearing a professional outfit for an interview will go a long way. A nice button-down shirt and trousers are a great option for everyone!
  3. Practice Interview Questions with Friends/Family. Search the most common interview questions and write them down with their answers. Do a mock interview with your family or friends to get more comfortable talking about your work experience.  
  4. Learn how to Relate Past Experience to the Job. Even if this job is different from your last, many learned skills are transferable. By relating the skills needed at this job to your last, the interviewer can see that you’re qualified. 
  5. Send a Thank-You Email After. We always suggest sending this small token of appreciation after your interview, it will go a long way!

Before you know it, you’ll be a student employee! You’ll get to go to school and work on your college campus.

Campuses that Recognize National Student Employment Week

A lot of colleges will celebrate National Student Employment Week. Some will have an Undergraduate Student Employee of the Year and other fun awards for their community of outstanding student employees! Here are some of our favorite colleges that recognize National Student Employment Week. 

Pepperdine University 

Pepperdine University has daily events for their student employees! This year they’re doing a tropical theme and have a variety of treats every day for their student employees. 

Boston University 

Boston University recognized National Student Employment Week and encourages employers to reach out to students and thank them for all their hard work on campus!

Harvard University

Ever thought about going to school at Harvard University? Well, how about being a student employee there too? At Harvard, the campus hosts a donut wall and school mixer with their student employees to show them just how much they appreciate them. 


Being a student employee is hard work but National Student Employment Week makes it worth it! Whether you’re an employed student or a non-employed student, be sure to show your individual appreciation for those on campus who help it run smoothly. 

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