The Week Before Your ACT/SAT Test

Here's what to do the week before the SAT or ACT.

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You’re a week away from your ACT/SAT test and the countdown has begun. These 7 days are crucial and you must use them wisely so you are as prepared as you can for test day. Seven days may seem like plenty of time but you may find that the days will just slip away from you leaving you feeling highly stressed the day before. The best way to prevent that from happening is to set a schedule for yourself.

Remember, your schedule should not just focus on studying non-stop. Doing that could leave you feeling stressed and burned out, which is the last thing you need. The key is to pace yourself throughout the 7 days. Here’s what to do the week before the SAT or ACT.

Schedule for the Week Before the SAT or ACT

7 days before the test date If you have not yet done this, it is time for you to read the directions to the test and familiarize yourself with the way the test is set up as well as how you need to answer every section.

6 days before the test date – Take a practice test while simulating the actual test conditions. This means that you should have everything you need with you, from your pencils and erasers to your water bottle and timer. Stop the practice test within the time limit. This will give you a good idea of your weak areas and what you need to focus on some more.

5 days before the test date – Spend time working on those areas that you struggled with in your practice test. Don’t just focus on one thing. Split your time between practicing some reading and writing and also revising math problems and formulas

4 days before the test date – Take a second practice test under actual test conditions. The more familiar you are with the test environment, the less stressed you are likely to be. Score your test paper and mark out the areas that you struggled with.

3 days before the test date – Spend more time revising and working on those areas that you are still struggling with and which are causing you to lose marks.

2 days before the test date – It’s time to take a step back and slow your pace down. Keep just an hour or two to revise and practice but do not overdo it. Avoid burnout.

1 day before the test date – How you spend the last day before your actual test can make a big difference in how you perform on the test. Avoid trying to tackle any complex questions today. You do not want to tire yourself out. Instead, review your notes and do some basic revision. Also, make sure you have everything ready for the next day, including your clothes and shoes so that you do not have to make any unnecessary decisions the next morning. Have a healthy dinner and get a good night’s sleep in preparation for the next day.

On The Day Of The Test

Wake up early with plenty of time to have a good, healthy breakfast and make sure whoever is driving you to the test center is ready to go on time.

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