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Here's top 30 best online m ed programs and mat programs.
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Best Online Graduate Education (MEd & MAT) Degree Programs

Our top online graduate education degree ranking is meant to highlight institutions that offer the best Master of Education (MEd) and Master of Art in Teaching (MAT) degrees. Plenty of people go back to school for either their MEd or MAT, whether it’s because they want to advance their careers or are required to by …
How do you pay for your online business degree
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How to Pay for Your Online Business Degree

So you’ve decided to pursue an online business degree. That’s great! But how will you pay for it? First things first, don’t freak out too much. Yes, obtaining your degree can be expensive. But there are many ways to finance an education. Combine that with smart college and career planning and you should be just …
Who should get a BBA degree
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Should You Pursue a BBA Degree?

Each year, hundreds of thousands of students choose to pursue their BBA degree. Business is–by far and away–the most popular degree program among both online and traditional students. And it’s not surprising–you can do a lot with a BBA degree. The popularity of the BBA is in large part due to the flexibility of many …
The cost of online masters degree in education
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How Much Does an Online Graduate Education Degree Cost?

For many teachers and others working in education, pursuing a master’s degree is a big investment. Of course, there’s the time and energy it takes to complete the classes, but there is also the dollars and cents investment–it’s not cheap to go to college. Fortunately, for many, it’s a pretty wise choice. For teachers specifically, …
master of education vs master of arts
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Master of Education vs Master of Arts: Who Should Get What?

Teaching is, no doubt, a noble career. If you’re drawn to this job, what education do you need in order to enter the field or perform your duties to the best of your ability? Understanding what’s required of you to enter education and the differences between a Master of Education vs Master of Arts (MAT) …
Here's how to balance your online BBA program and life.
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Strategies for Balancing Your Online BBA & Your Life

As a non-traditional student, I know how intimidating the thought of going back to–or starting–school can be after you’ve been away from academia for a while. But, there are tons of reasons to head back into the classroom–online or in the traditional setting–and get your BBA degree. Once the decision is made, it’s time to …
Take either PRAXIS and CBASE
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PRAXIS and CBASE Exams: What You Need for an M.Ed. and MAT

If you’re already in a teaching or education profession and planning to pursue your MEd or MAT degree, there generally isn’t a lot of extra work you’ll need to do before applying. Because of how state teaching licensing works, most programs won’t require that you take an additional exam like the GRE before applying for …

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