Should You Pursue a BBA Degree?

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Each year, hundreds of thousands of students choose to pursue their BBA degree. Business is–by far and away–the most popular degree program among both online and traditional students.

And it’s not surprising–you can do a lot with a BBA degree.

The popularity of the BBA is in large part due to the flexibility of many programs and the broad range of career options that are rolled into business degrees.

For many students, it serves as a stepping stone to a better job or a new career path. But it shouldn’t be treated as a “generic” option. Although it can open up many paths, it’s important to go into a BBA program with a clear understanding of what you’ll learn and why it will be valuable to you in your career.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the scenarios you may find yourself in that might indicate that a BBA is a good degree path for you.

BBA Degree: Those with a business career plan

As with any degree, you shouldn’t pursue a BBA blindly. Don’t expect to be magically handed a great-paying job after graduation.

But with a little research and preparation, you can identify a clear path from receiving a BBA and into a successful and rewarding career in business.

If this sounds like you, you’ll want to consider what area of emphasis you might choose within your BBA program–there are often many to consider. You’ll also want to think about how that emphasis can lead to specific jobs and careers after graduation. Research job listings on LinkedIn to see what kind of credentials are required for the positions you’re interested in pursuing.

Those who need a degree to move up

Many people who go directly from high school into the workforce find themselves stuck within a few years. In many cases, it can be relatively easy to land a decent job at a reputable company. Maybe a call center or customer service.

But taking the next step can sometimes present a challenge. At many companies, there is a ceiling for the level that an employee can climb to without having a degree.

In all fairness, this can sometimes feel arbitrary. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Pursuing a BBA can be a great way to prove your business knowledge on paper and propel your career forward.

Those who want to move into business

Sometimes it’s just time to move on.

For many people, they spend years and years in a specific job or career and then decide that it’s time for a change. Obtaining a BBA can be a great way for people to transition from one career and into a business field.

Although you may need to start with an entry-level or near-entry-level position once changing careers, a BBA can help you gain a foundational understanding of business–from finance to marketing.

BBA programs are also very flexible and allow students to choose a focus that can be one from any number of business-related fields. That means that it can also provide some specific job skills that you’ll need in addition to a general business education.


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