What To Expect From Your Online Business Degree (BBA) Program

What can you expect from an online business program?

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There has been a surge in the number of students receiving their degrees online over the last few years. One of the most popular programs for online students has consistently been a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). With so many different areas of emphasis available to business students, it’s easy to see why! But, what exactly can you expect from an online business program?

Coursework covering a broad range of topics

As with any bachelor’s degree program, students can expect to take classes covering both the content of their major as well as general education courses. General education courses are meant to help students to broaden their horizons and become well-rounded individuals.

Some students think of gen ed courses as boring, time-consuming, and tedious. However, they are a great way to get a break from your major and try something new.

There’s a lot of group work in an online business program

This may sound strange since many online students will never physically meet their classmates, let alone set foot in the same building as them. But, any business degree requires a solid amount of group work.

This makes sense, as most careers in business will require you to work with multiple colleagues to accomplish tasks and meet goals.

Whether you are taking an introduction to business technology, or advanced marketing classes, you will almost certainly have to complete a group project at some point during the class. There are some good things about group projects in a business school setting though. For one, they often involve running a made-up company or creating a marketing/ad campaign for a made-up product. You’re able to use your creativity and compete with your classmates.

You are also generally working with other students who are as driven to get good grades and beat out the competition. That means there is less likelihood of you being the one doing all the work.

A fair amount of math and data analysis

Although it may not be obvious to some, good business is always backed by good math. Whether or not you are directly doing mathematics or accounting in your career, you will need to have a solid understanding of the concepts in order to be successful.

As a business student, you will be required to take finance, accounting, data analysis, and statistics classes. Math for business is different from other math classes you have taken. Brushing up on your math and statistics skills before you head into your first class isn’t a bad idea.

Because general mathematics, data analysis, accounting, and statistical analysis touch virtually every aspect of a business, having a broad understanding of these topics will help you to make decisions throughout your career in business.

Behavioral sciences classes

Learning how people behave in different situations is incredibly important to being successful in business. What you learn in your behavioral sciences classes will be useful in everything from human relations to marketing.

From judging how someone will react to a decision to analyzing market demographics, behavioral science can make or break an entire business. These classes may be taught by psychology professors or the material may be covered in marketing classes. Either way, learning the science behind human behavior will be necessary to hugely useful for anyone receiving a degree in business.

Lots of competition

Business classes–as with business–are full of competition.

Whether you are a student on campus or online, you can expect to be pitted against your classmates. This not only prepares you for the real world but also helps you to learn from the mistakes of your team and others. Students should expect to compete in group projects as well as for internships or employment opportunities.

While your online business program may not have incredibly-competitive admissions standards, you should still be prepared to compete on the basis of your performance inside the classroom.

Hands-on experience

One of the best ways to learn is to actually get out there and do it. That’s why many degree programs will require you to get some real-world experience in the business world.

A reputable online business program will also be able to help you find and apply for these kinds of opportunities. That will look great on your resume after graduation (employers much prefer actual experience over just having classroom-learned knowledge because being successful is all about applying that knowledge, not just having it.)

If you’re already employed when you enroll, some schools will allow you to count your work experience. However, others may require you to complete an internship somewhere other than your current employer.

Be sure to plan for this when you’re making your course plans. You don’t want to scramble at the end of your degree track.


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