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Credit Card Tips for College Students

A credit card is a powerful financial tool. And getting one in college offers multiple benefits. It offers you financial flexibility, so you’ll never get stuck without money at any time. You also get access to attractive rewards and perks on your purchases. Getting cash back or points on your credit card spends means you …
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Should I Invest in NFTs to Pay for College?

You may have heard of the recent financial advice that recommends you invest in NFTs to help you pay for college. However, it’s important to know what exactly an NFT is and your options before making a decision. What are NFTs and How do They Work? An NFT, or a non-fungible token, is a virtual …
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What Is A Student Loan Ombudsman?

A student loan ombudsman is an independent resource committed to helping student loan borrowers. They help borrowers identify better repayment options and explain interest and default charges. They also act as independent mediators between student loan borrowers and lenders. If you’re having problems with your Issues A Student Loan Ombudsman Can Help With A student …
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Ways To Reduce College Living Costs

Applying to college and getting in can have you on a high of emotions that quickly come crashing down when you start to look at the finances of actually going to college. Your college living expenses can add up through the years and if you’re not mindful of your spending habits, you can end up …
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The Basics of Credit

Credit is an integral part of building a solid financial future. It determines your ability to get a line of credit in the form of credit cards and loans. It also impacts the cost of borrowing. While good credit can make borrowing a breeze, bad credit can severely restrict your options. Understanding the basics of …
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Roth vs. 529 – Which Is Better?

Roth IRAs and 529s are two types of tax-friendly accounts that can help families save for college tuition. As with any other type of saving program, neither one is best for all families, and both offer great benefits. Each has its own downsides too. Understanding the fundamentals of Roth vs. 529 can help you decide …