Financial Advice & Planning

Tips For Finding A Summer Job

Whether it's for the paycheck or the work experience, summer jobs are important financial advice & planning
Whether you are looking for a summer job to earn some money that you can put towards your college tuition, or you are looking for some work experience or an insight into a career, these tips will help you find a summer job that meets your requirements. Start Your Search Early The single most important …
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Yes, You Can Live The College Life Without Going Broke

You don't have to be a broke college student to live your college life. financial advice & planning
Most students dream of living ‘the college life’, which typically means living away from home, attending class, socializing with friends, and making their own financial decisions, big and small. While this can be an empowering feeling, living on your own can get real expensive real fast. You have to stretch your limited budget so it …
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It’s Never Too Early To Start Budgeting For These College Expenses

A ruler pinching together a stack of coins. financial advice & planning
Creating a budget for your college expenses is crucial. It helps you understand which expenses are unavoidable and where you can cut back on so that you do not have to take out unnecessary loans. Budgeting is crucial, as is factoring in all expenses into said budget. You’ll need to take into consideration tuition fees, …
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