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What Are Tuition Payment Plans?

Tuition payment plans allows students to split their total tuition payment into equal monthly installments. This makes it easier for families to manage college expenses without breaking the bank. Some colleges may call it a tuition installment plan or deferred payment plan. This is different from a standard plan where the full tuition is spread …
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How Does A 529 Plan Work?

The 529 plan is a type of savings account that’s designed to save money specifically to pay for education. The biggest benefit of this plan is that it offers tax breaks if the money is used for qualified expenses. Here’s how a 529 savings plan works and the pros and cons of this plan. What is …
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What Is The Average Net Price Of College?

Everyone agrees that college is expensive. However, what remains confusing for many families is how much college actually costs. When researching the cost of college, you’ll come across two main terms – sticker price and net price. Understanding what each term means and the difference between the two is important. As is the average net …
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Types of Alternative Tuition Plans for College

Alternative tuition plans are designed to help students pay their college fees without taking out expensive student loans. There are three main types of alternative tuition plans – Prepaid Tuition Plan, Tuition Guarantee Plan, and Tuition Payment Plan. All three work differently and have different terms and conditions. The most notable benefit of alternative tuition …
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Who Gets the COVID-19 Stimulus Check – Dependent or Independent Students?

The economic fallout from COVID-19 has been jarring. It jeopardizes the finances of families and businesses across America. Among those the changes hit hardest are college students. Which is where a stimulus check could come in handy. However, the rules are different for independent vs. dependent students. Here’s what you need to know. Colleges Blindsided …
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How to Find the Best Savings Account Rates

As we’ve talked about in previous articles, you don’t want to choose just any savings account for your money. Something you need to consider when selecting a new account is the rate. So how do you find the best rates for a savings account? Start with Research Rates can vary from bank to bank and …