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Building Great Credit In College

Here's how to build credit in college. financial advice & planning
Most college students don’t worry a great deal about building credit. In fact, the subject might not ever come up in 4 years at a typical university. The college experience is associated with being broke, living off of Ramen, and trying to study for a great career. Even if you’re not the picture of wealth …
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FAQs About Net Price Calculators

A black calculator with orange buttons showed in half. Black pen beside it. financial advice & planning
When searching for your future college, price may be important, but you should be looking past the sticker price. A net price will give you a more accurate and personalized feel for the cost of attending the school. Every college and university is actually required to have a calculator on their website, but you may …
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4 Great Ways to Raise Money for College

how to raise money for college financial advice & planning
Far too many college financial advice programs talk about going into debt while neglecting to mention you cannot discharge federally backed student loans in bankruptcy and the high-interest rates you may pay. Nor do they discuss how to lower the cost of college beyond generic advice to apply for many scholarships, regardless of the time …
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Money Saving Tips for College-Bound Students

Hand dropping a dollar bill in a transparent piggy bank. financial advice & planning
The fact that you’ve made it to college doesn’t make you an independent, financially responsible adult just yet. Daily outs and abouts in the first year can set you back more than you think if you don’t watch your spending. For a freshman, flashy jewelry, hip clothing, and all the trinkets that shine but aren’t …
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