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Money Saving Tips for College-Bound Students

financial advice & planning
The fact that you’ve made it to college doesn’t make you an independent, financially responsible adult just yet. Daily outs and abouts in the first year can set you back more than you think if you don’t watch your spending. For a freshman, flashy jewelry, hip clothing, and all the trinkets that shine but aren’t …
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6 Types of Part-Time Jobs for College Students

Here are six types of jobs for college students financial advice & planning
The majority of students do work at least some hours while they are in school. When picturing jobs for students, many people likely envision working in fast food restaurants or retail establishments. These are certainly very common jobs for college students. However, they are by no means the only options. Today, students have a wide …
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Tips For Finding A Summer Job

Whether it's for the paycheck or the work experience, summer jobs are important financial advice & planning
Whether you are looking for a summer job to earn some money that you can put towards your college tuition, or you are looking for some work experience or an insight into a career, these tips will help you find a summer job that meet your requirements. Start Your Search Early The single most important …
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