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What Does the Student Loan Repayment Extension Mean for You?

If you’ve got federal student loans and are following the latest updates, you’ve definitely heard about the latest student loan repayment extension. On December 21, 2021, President Biden announced that the student loan repayment pause would be extended from January 31, 2022 to May 1, 2022. The additional 90 days of no payments has students …
Save money for your college tuition fee
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Saving for College: Your 2022 Strategy

With college tuition increasing every year, saving for college costs may seem like an impossible undertaking. Almost every family in America ends up taking federal and private student loans to fund college tuition. If you’re thinking taking loans and paying them back at a later date is a better strategy, think again. When you take …
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What is Tuition Insurance for College?

From pet insurance to health insurance, there’s quite a lot of coverage options available for different aspects of life. There’s also tuition insurance, believe it or not. Here’s a rundown of what it is, what it covers (and doesn’t cover), and how you can get a policy. What is Tuition Insurance? Some colleges and universities …
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Should I Get a Work-Study or a Job in College?

Some students, when entering college, maybe trying to decide if they should work during school. There are definitely pros and cons to this approach, and you may have the option between work-study and a job. These are some considerations you should make, and some tips to help you decide between a work-study or job in …
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5 Great Things to Do With Your Graduation Money

Congratulations on graduating high school! Many graduates receive money from their parents or relatives before heading off to college. Have you made plans for the money yet? If you’re not quite sure what to spend your graduation money on, here are four ideas that could prove beneficial. #1: Put the Money Towards College There’s no …
Parents playing in moving boxes with their daughter. They're thinking about 529 savings plans for her future education.
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Myths About 529 College Savings Plans

Did you get a 529 college savings plan for your child or relative? Considering getting one? There are a lot of myths surrounding this excellent way of financing education that need to be debunked, including these five. Myth: If My Child Doesn’t Go to College, the Money Will Be Lost One concern many parents and …
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What Are Tuition Payment Plans?

Tuition payment plans allows students to split their total tuition payment into equal monthly installments. This makes it easier for families to manage college expenses without breaking the bank. Some colleges may call it a tuition installment plan or deferred payment plan. This is different from a standard plan where the full tuition is spread …
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How Does A 529 Plan Work?

The 529 plan is a type of savings account that’s designed to save money specifically to pay for education. The biggest benefit of this plan is that it offers tax breaks if the money is used for qualified expenses. Here’s how a 529 savings plan works and the pros and cons of this plan. What is …
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What Is The Average Net Price Of College?

Everyone agrees that college is expensive. However, what remains confusing for many families is how much college actually costs. When researching the cost of college, you’ll come across two main terms – sticker price and net price. Understanding what each term means and the difference between the two is important. As is the average net …