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Parents, Don’t Pay For Everything

There are a couple life skills that college kids need to know in order to survive. How to cook, how do laundry, how to study, etc. Of course, of all of these things that your student needs to know, one of the most important tricks is how to save money and work with a budget. …
There are some creative ways to pay for college that you might not have thought of
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Creative Ways to Pay for College

Most people understand that having a job and earning scholarships certainly help pay for school. But sometimes working a part-time (or especially a full-time) job can clash with classes and homework. It can be beneficial to find some other source of income, even if it just means that you have some extra cash to go …
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Why You Should Start Saving for College ASAP

Calculating how to pay for college is stressful. It can lead to many emotional conversations and decisions between parents and students. Knowing you can’t go to your dream school because you can’t afford it can be heartbreaking, but if you set up a savings plan early enough, you can save yourself from this situation. If …
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25 Ways to Stretch Your Budget

Budgets serve a great purpose to keep your spending to a minimum and save you money for your future. Are you struggling to stick to your budget? Or finding it difficult not to purchase the things you want? Well, we have 25 helpful tips on how to stretch your budget as a college student that …