Qualities Earned From Extracurricular Activities and How to Show Them on College Apps

There are a lot of items you will have to include for each of your college applications, from basic information to work experience. When you’re completing each application, make sure you’re also including your personal qualities. What have you learned from extracurricular activities? Here are some ways to think about this question and how to include the answers in your application:

Personal Qualities To Include On Your Application

These are just a few qualities you may have earned from extracurricular activities that you will want to include.


If you are in any role of leadership in any of your extracurricular activities, leadership is a great one to include. This could include being the section leader of the marching band, president of the Student Council, or the captain of your baseball team.


Teamwork is a very broad quality, so many of you will be able to include it in your application! Think of any club, sports team, or organization that has had you work together as a team with your fellow members.


Dedication is also broad, but it takes into account how much effort and work you put into an extracurricular activity. Did you go above and beyond? If so, this is an excellent quality to include. Go into detail when explaining how and why you were dedicated.


Communication is an invaluable skill and quality. If you were on the debate team or took part in public speaking, this quality may just be on the top of your list. Theatre can also be invaluable when it comes to communication.

These are only four qualities. Think about your personal experiences and work from there.

How To Include Your Personal Qualities on Your College Application

Now that you know what qualities you have earned, it’s time to add them to your application. These are a few areas you will want to use to talk about your experiences.

Extracurricular Activity / Volunteer Information

Almost all college applications ask about your extracurricular activity and volunteer experience. List all of them that you participated in. Some applications will then ask for your top achievements in said activities. This may be a great place to plug in some of those qualities.

Activity Description

The application will then often request more specific details about your extracurricular activity. This is where you want to talk in great detail about the skills and qualities you learned while taking part in clubs or organizations.


Depending on the type of essay that’s required from your potential college, this may or may not be a good place to include your qualities. If it’s an essay about personal experiences however, this is a perfect time. You can go into more detail about how your out of school activities changed you as a person, helped you grow, or influenced your life. Take this time to talk about an experience that is inspiring or important to you.

When it comes to determining what qualities you’ve earned during extracurricular activity, think outside the box. These are only four examples that may fit what you did during high school! What qualities stand out to you as important? Consider ways to include them in your application!

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