Top Social Work Bachelors degree Programs - 2020

It’s the job of social workers to provide help and support for vulnerable people. Social workers aid numerous types of people in numerous types of situations. From fiance troubles to severe illnesses to abuse, the overall goal of social workers is to care for vulnerable individuals and try to improve their lives to the best of their abilities. Students in the social work major will learn about the advantages of therapy and intervention, learn prevention techniques, and learn about proper procedures and regulations in a multitude of situations.

Social work is a broad field with many focuses. As such, the topics covered in social work courses are varied. Classes can include: human diversity, social welfare policy, alcohol and drug addictions, behavior and social environment, child welfare, and non-verbal therapy. Students often intern at a social service agency, attend social justice events, and design a research project. Those interested in the major tend to be social, compassionate, patient, and energetic.

Though there are many different careers a social work major can pursue, each and every one of them makes an important impact on the lives of the victims they help. Fields of focus can include: marriage therapy, health care, substance abuse, correctional treatment, counseling, and removing children from abusive households. Whatever their focus, social workers provide an invaluable service to all those they aid.

Social Work fun fact: Social work pioneer Jane Addams was the second woman in history to receive a Nobel Peace Prize.

Celebrities who studied Social Work:  Jamie Lee Curtis, actress; Martin Short, comedian, actor; Alana de la Garza, actress.

The average starting salary for a graduate with a bachelor's degree in Social Work is $33,800

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