Top Civil Engineering, General Bachelors degree Programs - 2019

One of the oldest branches of the field, civil engineering is the design and oversight of construction of a building project. Civil engineers have to keep in mind numerous factors while creating structures. They construct anything from bridges to dams, airports to interstate roads. Students who apply to the major will learn about different types of building material, create models, and utilize teamwork to finish projects.

As an interdisciplinary field, classes for the civil engineering major cover a variety of topics. Courses can include: computer science, urban planning, hydraulics, environmental law, construction management, and pavement design. Students drawn to the major are usually interested in mathematics and science, are detail-oriented, creative problem solvers, and enjoy hands-on activities.

With a multitude of specializations, it’s no surprise that there are several career paths for graduates to undertake. Some jobs include: transportation engineers, construction managers, geotechnical engineers, compliance officers, and structural engineers. Civil engineers play an enormous role in our everyday lives, creating numerous types of structures and ensuring the safety of everyone who uses them.

Civil Engineering fun fact: The longest street in the world is Toronto’s Yonge Street, at 1,178 miles.

Celebrities who studied Civil Engineering: Chris Vance, actor.

The average starting salary for a graduate with a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering, General is $57,950

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