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September Madness: How the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament Predicts College Enrollment Trends

NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament College Enrollment Trends college news & trends
Colleges spend millions of dollars each year to market themselves and recruit students, with an average four-year private institution spending around $2,500 for each first-year student enrolled. Schools also spend millions more on their athletics to boost alumni giving and enhance the general appeal to campus culture. What kind of return, in terms of college …
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Super Schools 2015: An Analysis of the Colleges Represented on the Field of the NFL’s “Big Game”

Information and statistics about the colleges attended by NFL players in the "Big Game". college news & trends
We analyzed the players on each team in this year’s “Big Game” and found some interesting stats about the colleges they attended. Most represented colleges at the “Big Game”: Rutgers – 4 players University of Oregon – 4 players University of Wisconsin-Madison – 4 players Texas A&M University – 4 players Stanford University – 3 …
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