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Rapper Nicki Minaj Offers to Pay the College Fees of Several Straight-A Twitter Followers

Nicki Minaj on Time Magazine college news & trends
It pays to have A’s. On Saturday May 6th, Nicki Minaj replied to a tweet one fan sent her, asking the rapper for financial assistance when it came to their college education. Minaj replied: The reply opened the floodgates as thousands of Nicki Minaj’s followers asked for help. They showed the singer their impressive 4.0s …
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College Raptor has a New Menu Layout!

We changed our menu layout college news & trends
Our website recently underwent some structural changes in order to make navigation easier for all you users! Here is a quick update of what got changed, our new menu layout, and what helpful tools and articles you’ll find in each category. Find Colleges Find colleges is one of our menu layout changes. Anything and everything …
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New York Just Became the First State to Offer Free-Tuition for College

New York became the first state to offer free tuition college news & trends
Last week, at a news conference in Albany, New York Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the signing of a bill that will bring free tuition at four-year state universities and colleges to some Empire State families. Backed by prominent politicians, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Cuomo touted the program as a stepping stone …
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Where the 2016 Presidential Candidates Went to College

college news & trends
Talk of the 2016 election is everywhere. There is a myriad of subjects and issues on the table that has everyone talking, but here at College Raptor, we have a special interest in education—particularly, higher education. We already have a post about the Republican and Democratic nominees’ stances on different topics relating to education, so …
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Fun Facts about Colleges in America!

Clemson stadium with thousands of people cheering for a football game. college news & trends
I’m the type of person that loves to learn new things, and when it comes to weird facts, you can consider me obsessed. Here are some fun facts about colleges, colleges histories, and college graduates in the United States you probably didn’t know: Fun Facts About Colleges! The name “Alumni” comes from the Latin “Alumnus” which …
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Introducing Roxie the College Raptor!

Roxie wearing a graduation cap college news & trends
She is the icon and mascot of College Raptor. But, few know much about this little velociraptor beyond her striking image of a dinosaur wearing a graduation cap and sunglasses. Introducing Roxie the Raptor! She’s a clever girl who spends her time hunting down the best college matches for the users of our site. She …
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