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Harvard admission rescinded
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What Happened with Harvard’s Rescinded Admissions

You may have seen in the news lately that at least ten students had their Harvard admission rescinded. These students were sharing memes filled with hateful and inappropriate rhetoric via social media. Schools can still rescind their offers. The fact of the matter is, colleges can take their offers back. Depending on school policies, they have …
Trump's budget proposal limits the income-driven repayment plan.
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How Trump’s Proposed Budget Would Change Income-Driven Student Loan Repayment Plans

6/1/2017 The president’s administration recently released his budget proposal for education, and though Congress has yet to accept or deny the proposal, people on all sides are talking about the implications of the plan. In addition to the proposed elimination of the Public Student Loan Forgiveness programs (PSLF), the budget also calls for raising the …
The new budget plan may cut student loan forgiveness programs
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What Trump’s New Budget Proposal Might Mean for the Public Student Loan Forgiveness Programs

5/25/2017 The Trump administration’s recently revealed education budget has certainly stirred up conversations on all sides. Among the many proposed cuts and program adjustments is the Public Student Loan Forgiveness program. What is the Public Student Loan Forgiveness Program? The PSLF, introduced in 2007, is a federal program that forgives the federal loan debts of …
We changed our menu layout
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College Raptor has a New Menu Layout!

Our website recently underwent some structural changes in order to make navigation easier for all you users! Here is a quick update of what got changed, our new menu layout, and what helpful tools and articles you’ll find in each category. Find Colleges Find colleges is one of our menu layout changes. Anything and everything …
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Where the 2016 Presidential Candidates Went to College

Talk of the 2016 election is everywhere. There is a myriad of subjects and issues on the table that has everyone talking, but here at College Raptor, we have a special interest in education—particularly, higher education. We already have a post about the Republican and Democratic nominees’ stances on different topics relating to education, so …
Here's where 20 more women in power went to college
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Where Powerful Women Went to College (Part 2!)

Not too long ago we presented an infographic all about powerful US women and where they went to college. Now we’re back with part two of the series with more women in power and where they went to college! This time around, every single woman we feature spoke at the first-ever United States of Women …