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How to Be a College Commuter Student

A student riding a bicycle down a street. student life
While there is a convenience to living on campus, there is also something to living off-campus. The space, the ability to cook your own meals, not having to share a room with others, not using a communal bathroom; I could go on. Of course, there are some things to consider when living off-campus. Whether you …
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Uber on College Campuses

A student driving a car with their phone attached to the dashboard. student life
If you are from a metropolitan area or pay attention to the news, you have probably heard of Uber. Uber is similar to a taxi service but more convenient for its users and drivers. Users download the app and easily find a ride at a reasonable cost, you pay online through the app, and the …
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Finding Volunteer Opportunities on College Campuses

You'll still have volunteer opportunities in college. student life
Many high schools have volunteer service requirements that students have to meet in order to graduate. But the volunteering doesn’t have to stop after high school graduation. Here are some ways to find volunteer opportunities in college. Classes Certain classes might have service-learning requirements. This should be apparent in the class overview and syllabus. You …
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Dance Marathon on College Campuses

Consider joining Dance Marathon! student life
As you embark on your college journey you will constantly hear the phrase, “get involved.” What do they mean? They are talking about getting “involved” with extracurriculars on campus. Choosing a student organization, sports team, volunteer group, or any other activity can be extremely beneficial for college students. It leads them to better manage their …
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What if My Best Friend Goes to a Rival School?

What happens if your best friend attends a rival school? student life
Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Or does it? What if your best friend goes to your rival school? You must be sworn enemies. Or maybe not. While you are probably used to sporting the same colors and participating or cheer for the same team you shared in high school, things have changed. They now …
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Most Politically Active Campuses

Here are 16 politically active college campuses. student life
Ah, politics. You either love them or you hate them. Maybe you’re a political buff who enjoys filling their days with copious amounts of reading and writing on politics. Or, maybe you’re a headline-reader only hearing of the most notable news of the moment- like the current Republican and Democratic National Conventions. Perhaps you think …
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6 More of the Weirdest College Traditions

One of the weird traditions is to jump in a lake. student life
If you’ve been to college or university, you know that each campus body tends to have its quirks, something that sets it apart from others. Several of the long-standing traditions have also evolved over time. Others have seen an increase in student participation. Here are six more weird traditions celebrated on college campuses: Mirror Lake …
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Movies Filmed on College Campuses

We Are Marshall was one of many movies filmed on college campuses. student life
Ah, summer. With the wonderful sun and heat, it’s nice to spend time outside, right? Maybe. Or you can head inside with the purr of the air conditioner and non-threat of sweat. While you’re enjoying the cool interior, pop in or stream a movie. Did you know a popular backdrop for movies are college campuses? …
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7 of the Weirdest College Mascots

Sammy the Banana Slug is one of the weirdest college mascots. student life
On campus, mascots are legends. They serve as the icon for school athletics, symbols of the community, and a rallying figure for all students. Enthusiastic and filled with energy, mascots hype up any crowd and gets everyone involved in the excitement. Most college mascots aim to intimidate the other team as much as to stoke …
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Pros and Cons: Taking Honors Courses

Honors courses and colleges attract a lot of attention. student life
The National Collegiate Honors Council describes honors colleges as “in-class and extracurricular activities that are measurably broader, deeper, or more complex than comparable learning experiences typically found at institutions of higher education”. This type of education attracts the attention of many people, students, their families, and professors. They all have different opinions on the subject. …
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