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5 Reasons Why You Should Join a Student Organization

Three college students sitting on stairs. student life
Involve yourself with what’s going on on campus and make new friends through a student organization! They often offer leadership opportunities, learning experiences, and environments to network with professionals. Here are five great benefits of joining student organizations: Better Grades and Time Management While you may think that keeping up with your classes is going …
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5 Things Freshman Should Do Their First Week of College

3 female students sitting on a purple bed and talking. The girl at the center is holding a laptop. student life
Starting off on the right foot at college is important for staying on track. Here are a few tips for freshmen to consider doing during their first week of college. Be Prepared Make sure you have all the materials you need for your upcoming coursework. Show up to class with pens, pencils, notebooks, maybe a …
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Opportunities You Shouldn’t Pass Up in College

There are some college opportunities you definitely don't want to pass up. student life
College will open the doors to a whole plethora of opportunities you never even considered before. Not only will you meet tons of new and interesting people, but you’ll also have the option to be a part of things like student organizations and clubs. Take advantage of the amazing opportunities and resources provided by the …
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Advice for Moving Into College Dorms

Moving into your college dorm is very exciting! student life
Congratulations! You are going to college. Days in which you will meet new people, learn new things and have a lot of fun are yet to come. College years represent one of the best periods of life. We are young, entering new territory and probably moving out. Personally, moving to campus on my freshman year …
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8 of the Best College Towns

Iowa City, IA is one of the best college towns. student life
Many campuses are located in amazing areas of the United States. These towns generally have great public spaces, fine restaurants, and unique qualities that make them stand out. In no particular order, check out our list of best college towns. Ann Arbor, Michigan Ann Arbor is home to the University of Michigan, along with a …
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The Best Place to Sit in a College Lecture Class

An empty lecture hall filled with brown desks. student life
Freshman, you’re probably used to high school classes with a max of 35 students. While there will be some courses at college that are similar, you will likely take a lot of lecture classes too. Suddenly you don’t just have 35 classmates, you have 100, or 200, or even 500. Class size will largely depend …
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Alternatives to Having a Car on Campus

A red moped parked in front of a green hedge. student life
Most people like having the freedom of a car. It makes everything accessible. However, much like having a car in Chicago or New York City, having a car on campus can be challenging. Many campuses do not have adequate parking for all their students, so driving to class can be a bit dicey. Most students …
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Pros and Cons of Having a Job In College

College student working as a barista mixing coffee on the counter. student life
There are a multitude of reasons students will take up a job in college–paying for tuition, want additional income, are eager for work experience, want to build up their resumes, etc. To many, finding a college job seems like a no brainer since tuition is expensive. Others might worry about the quality of their grades …
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