5 Things All Students Must Do At Their College Orientation

Attending college orientation can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time, but plenty of students will be in your shoes. You’re all in this together. There are plenty of things to do during this event. Here are 5 things all students should do at their college orientation:


There are going to be a lot of programs, classes, and events to attend during your college orientation. While you might not have to attend every single one, you should definitely make efforts to participate. There will be some that will be mandatory, such as a sexual harassment awareness course and security meetings. Make sure you’re attending all those that are required.

There will also be some voluntary sessions you may want to go to. This is a great way to meet others in your year and even maybe make friends. Sometimes the school will host sports matches, other game activities, or late-night parties.

Choose Classes

One event you definitely don’t want to miss is the session where you pick your freshman courses. You will most likely have an advisor from your major there to help you choose the classes that are required and the electives that can benefit you in later years. If you skip this, you run the risk of missing out on good time slots, the important courses you should be taking in your first semester, or classes that sound interesting to you. Spots do fill up in these classes and quickly.

Take Placement Tests

Often times, college orientation will have placement tests before you choose your first year’s courses. These test your proficiency in certain subjects to see what courses you should take. Some schools will test your skills in English, math, and foreign languages. In some cases, if you do well on the test, you can skip prerequisites and take a higher-level course.

Learn About Clubs and Organizations

College orientation will also give you an opportunity to learn about various clubs and organizations. Many of these groups’ leaders will have booths set up during specific times. Take your time and look through these. Sign up for those that interest you. They will send you emails over the next few weeks to let you know about the first meeting, more about what the club is about, and other important information. If you decide the organization is not for you, either after the emails or the first meeting, you don’t have to join.

Have Fun

Your college orientation is a once in a lifetime event. You’re getting to know your classmates, your school, your dining halls, teachers in your major, and more all at once. It can be a lot to take in, but the most important thing is to have fun. This is the beginning of an exciting chapter in your life. Explore the school, make friends, participate in the events and games, and get ready for the next four years.

College orientation is different at each school. You can learn more about the mandatory and voluntary events, placement tests, and course selection by either reading the literature the college sends you or requesting more information so you know exactly what to expect when you attend.

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