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5 Ways College is Different than High School

What's the difference between high school and college? student life
There are many ways college is different than high school. Many are good, some aren’t awesome, but regardless being prepared is a recipe for success. While some people will try to scare you and make college seem impossible, we are here to inform and encourage. Yes, college will likely be more difficult than high school. …
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Unique Sports on College Campuses

Unique sports - underwater hockey student life
Quidditch Maybe you’re the biggest Harry Potter fan known to our muggle world, or maybe you’re just a lover of original and competitive sports…either way, one of the unique sports you’ll find is quidditch! Based on the Harry Potter franchise, the game of quidditch is being brought to life at colleges around the nation. This coed, …
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Why You Should Visit Colleges in the Summer

Visiting colleges over the summer is a good idea student life
College visits are an excellent opportunity to get a “feel” for the colleges you are applying to. College visits aim to get you acclimated with the important aspects of choosing a school. They will take you on a tour of campus and residence halls, teach you about academic and student life opportunities, provide you with …
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35 Things You Must Do After You Find the Right College

find the right college student life
Being a freshman in college is an exciting time! Everything is new: your room, your friends, your classes and professors, the food you eat, and the amount of homework you receive. It’s very easy to get caught up in it all and forget what you’re actually there for. However, the opposite can also be said. …
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7 Easiest Ways to Make Friends on Campus

Here are some ways you can make friends in college student life
Graduating from high school and moving away to college means you’re leaving home, but your childhood bedroom isn’t the only thing you’re leaving behind. In many cases, it also means that you’re saying goodbye to your friends and the high school you. College is a fresh start. Perhaps you’ve been waiting for this for a …
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Living Learning Communities (LLCs): What are they?

Students set up a party in LLCs student life
You’ve chosen the college, now it’s time to choose where to live. In my experience, choosing the right dorm or being paired with a good roommate can have just as great of an impact on your mood/happiness/level of satisfaction (if not greater) than the actual school you attend. When I was a freshman in college, …
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LGBTQ Friendly Colleges: 14 Schools Doing Great Things For LGBTQ Students

San Diego State University - LGBTQ friendly colleges student life
Going to college is intimidating for all students. It’s the first time that you’re out on your own and many times it’s in a place you’ve only spent a weekend or two. You have to figure out the intricacies of balancing your course load and extracurricular activities, in addition to learning how to do laundry, making friends, …
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