Internships and Other Cool Opportunities at Apple

Have you ever dreamed of working at a tech giant like Apple after your college graduation? Well, you might not have to wait! Apple actually offers a few different internships and other opportunities for students looking to get a head start on their career. While some of their positions do require you to live in a certain part of the world, many are completely remote so you can do them right from your dorm room between your courses and homework.

Below we’ve supplied information about their various internship opportunities, qualifying information, campus advisor positions, part-time work, and more so you can get started on your application to Apple. 

Opportunities for Students at Apple

Apple Internships

Apple hosts several different internship opportunities throughout the world, including in Santa Clara Valley, California. Interns are needed in a variety of fields from finance to hardware technology. 

One example is the Launch@Apply Mentorship and Exertnship Opportunities which is available over the summer. This program is under the finance department and is for students who are interested in corporate finance. Students under the Launch Mentorship will work with an Apple mentor and finance professionals under the project while attending virtual events to grow skills. Those who participate in the Launch Externship can work in a variety of different areas of business including operations, marketing, sales, financial planning, and others.

In order to be eligible, applicants must be:

There are several other Apple internships in Operations, Manufacturing and Design Engineering, Product Design, Software Engineering, Marketing, and Information Security. The length and location of the program depend on the position.

Apple Campus Leader

Another opportunity for students interested in Apple is the Apple Campus Leader program. Here students will have the opportunity to drive awareness of the brand on their campus. A part-time job, participants will coordinate with the Higher Education Sales team, Product Marketing team, and the Apple Services team. Those in this role can help plan Apple events and present the company’s products. 

Apple Support College Advisor

Another part-time position for students who love Apple is the Apple Support College Advisor. Students in this role will help customers who call in with questions, concerns, or problems with Apple products and services. You’ll be able to work right from your dorm room, support the technology you love, and gain some extremely valuable customer service skills.

Apple Store and Retail Partner Store

And, of course, if you go to school near an Apple Store or a retail partner, you can always opt to work there as well! Part-time and full-time positions are available at these locations, but you will need to live near one in order to apply of course. 

What Opportunities Are Available at Apple After Graduation?

Applying to one of the positions listed above, including an internship, could open the doors to a full-time position after you graduate. Of course, you’re not locked out if you choose to wait until after you graduate to try applying to work at Apple. And, there are a variety of different departments you could potentially enter including:

  • Information systems and technology
  • Finance
  • Legal
  • People
  • Learning and development
  • Global security
  • Industrial design
  • Human interface design
  • Communications design
  • Acoustic technologies
  • Analog and digital design
  • Architecture
  • Battery engineering
  • Camera technologies
  • Machine learning infrastructure
  • Deep learning and reinforcement learning
  • Natural language processing and speech technologies
  • Services marketing
  • Product marketing
  • Marketing communications
  • Corporate communications
  • Business intelligence and analytics
  • Business process management
  • Supply demand management and NPI readiness
  • Retail and e-commerce fulfillment
  • Business development
  • Account management
  • Apple store sales
  • Retail partner sales
  • Sales planning and operations
  • Field and solutions engineering
  • Apps and frameworks
  • Cloud and infrastructure
  • Core operating systems
  • DevOps and site reliability
  • Online support
  • Technical support and customer support
  • Apple store support
  • AppleCare business development
  • Service channel management and operations

Working at Apple is a dream come true for many! If you’re thinking about applying to work at the tech company, be sure you put your best foot forward. Competition for positions at Apple are fierce, and the stronger your application the more likely you are to get that coveted position. And by working at the company during your college years, you could have a leg up on the competition!

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