5 Cool New EdTech Platforms and Trends

Online learning has exploded in popularity over the past year as people of all ages are recognizing its many benefits. Thanks to new EdTech trends, the online education segment has diversified and expanded, making online learning more personalized, convenient, and comfortable. Anyone who wants to learn just about anything can choose a format of learning that best suits their preferences. 

EdTech is a collective term that refers to various technologies for educational purposes. This could include online learning platforms, VR simulators, learning management systems, and a variety of training tools such as interaction projection screens for classroom learning.  

The top EdTech trends in 2023 focus on making education more accessible. These trends include blockchain technologies, augmented reality, game-based learning, cloud technologies, and adaptive learning systems. 

Top 5 Edtech Platforms

These are the best Edtech Platforms that are changing the way we learn.   

1. Udemy

This well-known online platform has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. Established in 2009 and located in San Francisco, CA, Udemy offers about 13,000 courses. These courses are on a diverse range of topics, from marketing, playing golf, and singing, to IT & software, and fundamentals of blockchain and bitcoin. Individuals with a thirst for learning, can subscribe to the Udemy for Business plan. This subscription gives members unlimited access to about 5,000 courses in a variety of topics. 

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2. Skillshare

Another well-known online education platform, Skillshare was founded in 2010 and is located in New York, New York. Skillshare operates quite differently from most other Edtech platforms. It focuses on helping learners develop practical skills that they can showcase to potential clients or employers. It does this by offering creative, hands-on lessons combined with project-based homework. Over 2 million students can choose from a wide variety of courses, ranging from graphic design, animation, and marketing, to creative writing, productivity, and photography,  

3. BetterUp

Launched in 2013 and based in San Francisco, CA, BetterUp is a training and coaching platform. At its core, this Edtech platform is designed to boost employee productivity and engagement. It is technically SaaS (Software as a Service) as it is focused on enterprise companies. However, it also offers coaching services through its platform. 

4. Photomath

Launched in 2014 and located in San Mateo, California, Photomath is an innovative mobile application that helps users solve mathematical equations instantly. The app works by first scanning math problems using the smartphone’s camera. It then provides the solution in detail with step-by-step explanations. Over 220 million downloads from Google Play and App Store is ample evidence of this app’s rising popularity. 

5. Top Hat

Established in 2009 and located in Toronto, Canada, this Edtech platform is committed to reinventing online education with immersive experiences. Top Hat has earned a global reputation for its stimulating lectures and presentations that include 3-D images and GIFs. They also allow educators to manage attendance, assignments, and grades by integrating with existing learning management systems. Several top universities in North America use the Top Hat software. 

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