The Basics You Need To Know On How To Get A Job At Apple

An Apple Store Building outdoors with a logo on the wall.

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Do you have dreams of working for Apple? You may be curious about the majors they’re looking for. Here’s a quick glance at what you may want to study during your next four years at college:


Hardware or software engineering are great bets if you’re hoping to be a part of Apple’s product line development. If you choose hardware engineering, you may be on track to create the new product itself, but it requires additional skills like creativity and drive. The position also generally requires you to have backgrounds in industrial, wireless, or other engineering fields.

Software, on the other hand, has a hand in creating the apps and operating system of Apple products. This area is constantly changing so you need to be on top of your game and also understand a number of software-related subjects.


There’s always more to a business than just creating a product line! Financial experts are needed by any major company (and smaller ones as well), so if you have an interest in this type of major, you may still be able to get that dream job at Apple.

Positions in finance range from accounting to planning, but you may also have a hand in the retail side of business.


Have a knack for business and sales? Marketing is also a huge aspect of Apple and there’s no doubt that Apple has a well laid out plan for its advertisements. There’s someone behind all that. Marketing also covers a wide variety of jobs, from social media managers to public relations to public marketing.

All marketers need a strong interest in the creative process. Innovation is always a must in the marketing world.

Computer Science

A computer science major is always a good bet when it comes to technology-focused businesses. You have the knowledge straight out of college to start working on the ever-changing tech that Apple uses. Computer science majors should have extensive knowledge about software, cybersecurity, and engineering relative to their studies.

And Plenty More

There are so many facets of a business that a number of majors can apply for positions at Apple and other major tech companies. A legal degree is needed if you’d like to work with user agreements, human resources is required if you would prefer to work in the HR department,  and even experience in real estate can land you a job at Apple. After all, they do need real estate for their warehouses, shipping, and sales floors.

Your best bet when it comes to your dream job at Apple is to do your research. Take a look at the positions that fit your career goals; What majors do they ask for? Take your passions, interests, and strengths into account and you may just find the perfect fit for your future. If you can’t wait until after college to start your career with Apple, you may want to look into a position as an Apple Care College Advisor.

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