10 Tips to Freshmen on How to Get the Most from Your College

College is definitely something you will learn a lot from. Incoming freshmen can feel overwhelmed—the constant interaction with your roommate, new clubs and new people, a brand new environment; also, sleepless nights, tiring classes, and strict professors. On the other hand, the awesome activities and entertaining parties will get your mind off all that.

The transition from high school to college life is challenging for many students. There is a lot of stress accumulated during the semester, and the strenuous class projects and assignments are not easy either. While some students do great at accommodating to the new life, there are others who have a hard time getting used to it. If you are between the latter, here is some advice for incoming freshmen on how to get the best out of your first year. Smile, you got this!

Read, Read, Read

College is soooo different than high-school! If you had 10 pages to read for your next English class in high-school, you will have 20 in college! And guess what? There is no excuse! You must do it if you want a good grade in that class.

Therefore, make sure you read a lot before leaving for college. It is going to make everything so much easier for you! You will feel more prepared and ready to nail that English class!

Know Basic Technology

Familiarize yourself with technology before beginning your freshman year. You must know how to use Microsoft Office, Excel, and Google Docs. These tools are basic. You are going to need them for your homework and projects.

Another way to improve your technical knowledge is improving your typing speed. Be fast in order to finish your homework quickly and have time to hang out with your friends!

Interact, Socialize, Have a Great Time

College teaches you people skills, so be excited! Get out of your room even though you don’t have friends yet. Read your book outside, sitting on a bench, instead of staying in your dorm room. If people want to talk to you, be open and interact with them! Take the lead and ask your classmates if they want to get an ice-cream after class!

Join an athletic team or an interesting club. Do not waste too much time on partying. It gets too tiring after a while, and it might affect your grades eventually.

Manage Your Time Properly

Balancing your free time and your work time is going to be challenging at first. Make sure you keep organized. Buy a planner and write down every planned activity at the beginning of each week—don’t miss appointments or meetings (especially class!). Also, you can make up your own designed schedule and stick it on the wall, right above your desk. That way, you make sure you don’t forget anything.

Tip: Make use of the digital tools available online in order to keep organized.

Get a Job

We all know that college is expensive. Make sure you are not a burden to your parents, so consider getting a part-time job. I am sure your family will greatly appreciate it. You are not going to need pocket money anymore, and you might even be able to pay for your food (if not on the meal plan).

When you commit to a certain job, make sure you explain to the manager that you are a student. They need to know that school comes first and that you might not always be available to work. Make that clear from the beginning to avoid confusion and useless conflicts.

Stay Safe

No matter what you do, stay safe! Make sure you are always surrounded by friends when you go somewhere. Also, be aware of all the campus’ safety resources. Every college has an app or a list of emergency contacts in case you get in trouble. Keep your RA’s phone number on your emergency contact list as well. They are trained to handle every situation.

Reach Out to Your Professors

Keeping a close relationship with your professor is a good way to improve both your performance and your grades. Professors like helping students with everything that they need—in the end, that’s what they are paid for. They also enjoy talking to interested students. They would highly appreciate your passion about different subjects.

Enjoy Orientation

Katie Rodriguez, currently sales manager at RushMyEssay UK, and former Yale graduate, shares her story. “I met my best friend during orientation. I still remember how lost we both were as freshmen. For me, it was hard making friends, and I think she felt the same. I took a deep breath and asked her if she wants to have lunch with me. Best decision ever!”

Enjoy orientation! It is a great way to make new friends and get to know people.

Actively Participate

Make sure you become as involved as possible on campus! Research clubs you could join and activities you could take part in. Schools usually make it easy for you to get involved. Choose enjoyable occupations to pursue!

Get Help if Necessary

Your college must have a writing center, a tutoring center, and a career assisting center. Sign up for that and join them whenever you need help! They are paid to help you as well, so don’t worry about wasting their time. Check your essay ideas with them, and ask as many questions as you would like.


Being a freshman is not an easy job, I know. But you will eventually get used to your school, make new friends, and join new clubs. Stay active all the time, and do not exceed with extra-curricular activities! Leave time for your homework as well. You got this!

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