Questions to Ask at Orientation: A Checklist for Students and Parents (FREE DOWNLOAD)

Orientation covers a lot of information, and you may end up forgetting to ask some important questions during the session. So we’ve created a printable checklist of questions to ask at college freshman orientation to take with you–one for parents and one for students!

Orientation speakers will likely cover many of these questions, but just in case you’ll have these checklists handy! Check off each topic as they come up and use the back to scribble down some notes!

A chalkboard with text that says "questions to ask at college freshman orientation" with two question marks on the side.

Checklist of Parent Questions

Download it here!

  • What types of insurance does the student health center accept?
  • How are housing and tuition payments made?
  • What sort of campus safety resources/programs are in place?
  • Can freshmen have cars? If not, what sort of transportation is available?
  • If my child is overwhelmed, what counseling services are available?
  • What sort of access do I have to my student’s information–like grades or schedule?
  • When will we receive information about move-in day?
  • What is your parental notification policy? Will the college inform me of campus emergencies?
  • How do I find out my child’s mailing address?
  • What student employment options are there?
  • What kind of career/academic advising services are offered here?
  • Do academic advisors only help first-year students?
  • What are the guest policies for visiting my student?
  • What sort of financial aid opportunities are available through the school?
  • If my student has a disability, how will the school accommodate them?

Checklist of Student Questions

Download it here!

  • What are the best housing options?
  • How do I contact my roommate prior to moving in?
  • Can I request a different roommate if we don’t get along?
  • When should I buy textbooks?
  • What is covered in the meal plan? Are there different types?
  • How do I declare or switch a major?
  • How do I create my schedule? Can I add/drop classes later?
  • What kind of career/academic advising services are offered here?
  • What academic resources are there?
  • Are there campus-wide emergency-alerts?
  • If I feel overwhelmed and need to talk to somebody, where should I go?
  • How / where do I sign up for a sport, club, or student organization?
  • Is there a fitness center?
  • What sort of financial aid opportunities are available?
  • What is your best piece of advice for incoming students?