5 Ways to Ensure your Stress Levels Don’t Boil Over in College

How do you reduce your stress levels in college?

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College is a stressful time. Between the big move, a busy schedule, tests, social life, a job or two, it can get a bit overwhelming at times. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to reduce your stress levels. Here are just a few.

Keep the clutter out of your dorm

It may seem small, but coming back after a long day of classes to an unmade bed and clutter on the floor can negatively affect your mood. It is one more thing to do, and can contain negative energy piling on. 

Keeping a routine as best you can

Allowing your body to get into a routine (within reason of course) can help you plan to use your time more effectively, and help your productivity when you most need it.

Not skipping meals or sleep

Some of the most vital things to help reduce your stress levels can include getting a well-balanced meal and catching some Z’s. 30-minute naps are said to be the most effective when an energy boost is needed (much better than energy drinks).

Studying somewhere besides your room (or your bed)

Studies have shown that our brain can be trained to correlate our beds as ‘time to sleep’ If you spend time in your bed watching TV or on your laptop, it can disrupt this connection and make it more difficult to stay awake.

Make a plan and find study spaces or head to the library for a couple of hours to do your studying, and come back to your room strictly to unwind. We promise you will be more productive and be much more likely to be able to relax when you get back.

A calendar and planning your tasks to decrease stress levels

Being able to look at all the tasks (and we know there are a ton) and know what you must get done that day can greatly reduce stress. It also makes you less likely to submit a sub-par assignment at 11:59 pm.

A calendar or to-do list can help you focus on the most productive tasks to complete each day instead of that project due Friday when you have another one due tomorrow!

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