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Here are some ways on saving money as a college student
financial advice & planning

14 Ways to Stretch Your Dollar in College

You work hard for your money, and when you’re a broke college student, you need to save just about every cent of it. But cutting costs in college doesn’t mean you’re locked away in your dorm or holding out on the things you want. Saving money as a college student doesn’t have to be difficult. …
Here's how to decorate a dorm room with your roommate.
student life

How to Collaborate with Your Roomie About Dorm Decorating

Sharing a dorm room can be stressful, especially if this is your first time with a roommate or if you’re rooming with someone you’ve never met before. But the good news is that having drama isn’t inevitable. Here’s how to decorate a dorm room while collaborating with your roomie, so you can make the dorm …
Some colleges have fun Easter traditions.
student life

4 Colleges with Hopping-Good Easter Traditions

Celebrating Easter on campus is a time to reflect, relax, and enjoy the community. It’s also an opportunity to have a little fun participating in unique and fun parties and events tailored to students. We found five of our favorite colleges have hopping good Easter traditions to get you in the egg-dyeing spirit! Golden Egg …
As one of your spring activities, try taking a photography class!
student life

Fun Spring Activities on College Campuses

The sun is shining, the weather is warming up, and it’s time to get outdoors! Being active, especially on campus, is what spring is all about! If you’re ready to get some fresh air and help bring in the sunshine at your school, here are nine spring activities to get you started. Spring Cleaning You …
College clubs - Quidditch club
student life

11 Unique College Clubs

College is all about exploring your personality and finding your tribe. We think your best bet to do so is to join clubs that match your unique interests! Whether you love to read or rock climb, paint or calculate differentials, there is certain to be a club out there for you. Here are 11 examples …
Dealing with rejection can be hard, especially when you were rejected from your dream school.
college admissions

Dealing with Rejection from Your Dream School

When it comes to applying to your dream school(s), it’s important to remember that sometimes dreams don’t always reflect reality. Every year, thousands of seniors must come to terms with not being admitted to the school they wanted more than any other. This happens for a variety of reasons, from demographics and numbers to the …
Here are some dorm decorating tips to make your space really yours
student life

8 Fundamental Dorm Decorating Tips

It’s true that many residence halls leave much to be desired, as far as interior design goes. Most students step over the threshold into their new dorm to find plain, wooden essentials—a high-rise bed, chest of drawers or wardrobe, desk, and an end table—mirrored across a linoleum floor. Rather than get bummed about your sparse …

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