11 Easily Forgotten To-Dos When Preparing for Freshman Year

Don't forget to do these things while preparing for freshman year of college.

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Getting ready to start college can be totally overwhelming. We’ve been there! And with so much to do, it can be easy to forget some essential items and tasks along the way. That’s why we’ve created this list of 15 easily forgotten to-dos for preparing for your freshman year of college.

Send Out Thank You Cards

Throw a graduation party or want to show some gratitude to a teacher who wrote you a recommendation letter? Don’t forget to say, “thanks!” Rule of thumb is usually before the three-month mark after your party or event.

Finalize Your Acceptance

Preparing for freshman year of college can’t start if you haven’t even accepted an offer yet. Each school has different deadlines, but by the beginning of summer, you should have sent in your acceptance letter, signed off on financial aid packages and scholarships, turned in your health forms, submitted any required transcripts or college credit requests, placed a deposit down for your tuition or room and board, and/or submitted dorm requests.

Apply for Scholarships

Apply to as many scholarships as you can—they are the best way to pay for a college education, and the opportunities are plentiful. Scholarships are still out there waiting for you to apply!

Pencil in Orientation

Many schools do several orientations—one in the summer and one at the start of the school year. The one in the summer, if offered, is to give you an overview of what to expect, how to register for class, and link you up with an advisor. It’s crucial you attend this

Plan Your Dorm

Around July or August, you’ll get your room assignment, including finding out who you will be rooming with. While we don’t condone going overboard, it doesn’t hurt to check your roommate out on Facebook or visit their Instagram feed. When you’re comfortable, send them an email with ideas on how to lay out your furniture or a list of items you want to have in your room, as well as who’s bringing what to the room.

Contact Disability Services

Even if you just need a few more days to complete an assignment or a little help finishing a test, it’s crucial you talk to Disability Services. They will coordinate with your professors and make sure you have what you need to succeed.

Get Your Important Documents in Order

You should never bring original copies of your papers with you to your dorm, but you should have copies of items like your driver’s license, social security cards, both sides of your insurance IDs, and any medical records you may need.

Learn How to Do Laundry

You’re on your own in a few more months, and laundry is an essential part of independence. Get learning now! While you’re at it, ask mom or dad to show you some cooking basics, cleaning essentials, and banking to-do’s.

Scan the Checklists

Some schools give you comprehensive packing lists for the dorms. Others send you off on your own to figure it out. If you need some help, check out this comprehensive packing list!

Check for Early Assignments

Believe it or not, even though it’s still summertime, your Blackboard or email may be full of pre-reading lists or papers due the first week. Don’t put this off and wait till you’re in the chaos of freshman year to get it in! This is also a good time to buy your textbooks and necessary supplies (though don’t sweat the optional material lists).

Schedule Family Time

Summer will be over with sooner than you think. And while you may be too busy saying goodbye to friends or getting through your to-do list, don’t forget about your family. You wouldn’t be here without them!

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