Packing & Design Tips for Your Dorm

Moving into your dorm room is an exciting day. It marks a new beginning that promises independence. It can also bring stress, which no one likes. These college dorm tips aim to make unpacking, moving in, and designing your dorm a breeze!

Make a checklist!

This is one of the most important tasks you can do when packing for your dorm. Separate your list into categories and list all the items you will need. Then, when you are unpacking, you won’t have to spend those last precious moments with mom and dad at Target, frantically searching for your last minute items.

Packing your closet.

While your clothes are hanging up, wrap plastic garbage bags around the bottom up until the neck of the hanger. This allows you to easily transport your clothes to your dorm but eliminates the hassle of re-hanging your clothes to put in your closet. Ta-da!

Space out your stuff.

If possible, don’t move all your clothes at once. If you are going to college where you won’t be home until winter break (or summer) this might not be an option. However, if you have the opportunity, try to bring only your summer and light fall clothing until you can return home in possibly October to swap your summer wardrobe for your winter clothes.

Label your boxes!

Rather than endlessly searching for your items, label your boxes detailing the contents and use your favorite color to mark the most essential items you will unpack first.

Don’t over-pack.

Most people’s dorms will be smaller than the space they are used to dwelling in. Another thing to get accustomed to is sharing a room. While it is important to make this space feel like your home, it is also important to consider the amount of stuff you bring. Fill every inch of your walls with posters and bringing your 20 stuffed animals may not be the best idea. Remember, your dorm will serve as a place you sleep, study, eat, and socialize. It’s best to keep it simple with a few personalized touches. If you need a U-Haul to get your stuff to a dorm, you have far too much.

Hang a shower caddy by your door.

This won’t be used for bath supplies, but instead for those essentials you’re always searching for before you walk out the door. You can store your notebooks, pens, keys, phone, and any other small essentials in the caddy so you always know exactly where they are.

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Use a shoe organizer!

Rather than having your shoes take up space on the floor or precious shelf storage, hang a shoe organizer in your closet. This makes it easier to find them and allows more space in your dorm.

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Buy Twin XL bedding!

Most colleges or universities will inform you if this is needed for your provided bed, but it’s a good rule to know that most dorm beds need XL bedding.

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If there is room, bring seating!

If you are lucky, you will be able to fit a futon. These typically fit very nicely under a lofted bed. We recommend you having one for times you have friends over, studying, or when you just don’t want to climb into your lofted bed. If there is not room for a futon, bean bag chairs and other fun chair options are a nice way to break up the room from just bed, desk, and dresser.

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String lights above your bed!

If you are in a lofted bed, you’ll realize lighting can be a bit awkward. You may not want the harsh overhead light right next to your bed on in the wee hours of the night. String lights, easily attached to the wall with Command strips, are an excellent alternative that provides function and fashion.

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