Fun Spring Activities on College Campuses

The sun is shining, the weather is warming up, and it’s time to get outdoors! Being active, especially on campus, is what spring is all about! If you’re ready to get some fresh air and help bring in the sunshine at your school, here are nine spring activities to get you started.

  1. Spring Cleaning

    Spring activities include things like spring cleaning.

    Flickr user Phillip Jeffrey

You should probably do the dirty work in your dorm too, but why not take your spring cleaning outside as well? Grab some trash bags and some gloves (or a stick with a needle on the end) and clean up your campus or community! It’s a dirty job, but you’ll get the satisfaction of knowing you did something good for the environment.

  1. Intramural Sports

It’s not too late to sign up to play. Many informal intramural sports are walk-on, meaning you can play whenever you have the time. Try something new like frisbee golf, Quidditch, kickball, or join in as a sub on a soccer team. It’s the perfect free workout.

  1. Volunteer Work

Walk a dog at a shelter. Assist at an after school tutoring program. Spend some time at the senior center. Work at a soup kitchen. Create care-packages for the less fortunate. Your time is valuable, so why not put it to good use by helping others in need? 

  1. Hosting a Tailgate

    Flickr user Nathan Rupert

Football season isn’t the only time you can host a tailgating party! Sports like baseball, soccer, and lacrosse ramp up in the spring, meaning you have tons of opportunities to get the grill out! Plus, who doesn’t want to play cornhole on school-themed sets all year round!?

  1. Local Hiking and Walking Trails

    Flickr user Joel Kramer

Since school starts in the fall and you’ve been cooped up all winter, you may not have had the chance to really get out and explore your community. Spring is the perfect time to lace up your walking shoes or hiking boots to see what nature is out there. Map out some trails, bring an adventurous friend, and snap some photos along the way.  

  1. Take Advantage of Student Discounts

    Flickr user Penn State

Your student ID is a goldmine for discounted or half-priced activities. Use it at museums, to ride public transportation, score an almost-free ice cream cone, attend campus activities, or to shop for a new spring wardrobe!

  1. Organize a Happiness Club

    Flickr user Wolfram Burner

Spread joy this season, especially during midterm week, by forming an informal happiness club! You’ll do little things to cheer up campus like decorating walkways with inspiring and encouraging messages in chalk, blowing bubbles on the quad, or hosting movie nights in dorm common areas. The karma is totally worth the extra planning.

  1. Take a Photography Class

    As one of your spring activities, try taking a photography class!

    Flickr user Artem Marchenko

Learning a new skill is always in, but we especially love photography for the spring. You’ll learn the basics of navigating around a fancier camera, and you’ll get so many awesome shots of flowers in bloom and trees blossoming to put in your portfolio or fill your Instagram page.

  1. Plan a Campus Picnic Tour

Pick a theme (French, country, sunset, etc.) and have each person bring an element of the picnic (sandwich fillings, drinks, silverware, etc.). Then take turns picking a new spot to eat outdoors. You’ll explore your campus while spending time with your friends. That’s truly the best part of spring!

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