9 FREE Online Study Tools Every Student Should Know About

There are plenty of study tools online that students should definitely know about, from GoConqr to Evernote. Many might think that the internet isn’t conducive to studying—that it’s all cat videos and social networking—but there are thousands of websites out there designed specifically for learning new skills, managing everyday life, and study tools to help students study for exams.

Online Study Tools

Here we’ll shine the spotlight on 9 online study tools dedicated to being your new best study-buddy. Whether it’s time management, digital flashcards, self-made quizzes, study games, or other educational tools, these sites and apps can help students of any age get ready for upcoming tests, all for the low, low price of absolutely free.

1. GoConqr

A student sitting scrolling through her laptop.

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Visual learners, rejoice. What makes this site unique are the mind maps, a web of information that breaks down broad subjects into smaller topics. When you create a map, it allows you to see how things are connected — this helps with both memorization and understanding.

The site also has numerous other helpful features like flashcards, a note-taking platform, self-created quizzes, study planner, a collaboration tool, and a way to track how much you’re learning. This versatile tool is also available across multiple platforms for studying on the go.

2. Quizlet

College students typing on their laptops.

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With this site, you provide the information and Quizlet provides the study tools. Users can create “sets” in any subject under the sun, and based on the set the website will generate flashcards, quizzes, practice tests, matching games, and even auditory tools. Quizlet also has a free app for learning on the go and studying even offline.

The two games, Scatter and Space Race, allow you to learn the material and have fun doing it. In Scatter, users drag definitions or information to their related counterparts as quickly as they can, clearing the screen. In Space Race, definitions scroll across the screen and you type in the correct word or phrase associated with it before the definition reaches the end of the screen. With leader-boards and high-scores, you can compete to get the best times, adding the motivation of competition to your studying.

3. Evernote

A college student types a paper on his laptop.

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Studying can sometimes cover several different platforms, but with Evernote, all of your notes, information, and research can be together in one place. An invaluable organizational tool, this site can sync your info across computers and phones, share with other users, gather web-clips, and create all from one central platform.

Evernote can be used in a multitude of ways: keeping research paper information in order, organizing presentation notes, creating study guides off of in-class note-taking, not to mention everyday non-school related tasks, too.

4. StudyBlue

Several college students gather around a laptop to discuss studying.

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Collaboration is the name of the game for this website. StudyBlue connects students through similar learning goals and subjects, allowing them to share and access flashcards, study guides, and more. StudyBlue can even connect students in specific classes, letting them message each other and collaborate on projects.

The site also has a diverse content library, multiple study modes, class-based study guides, storage for all your notes, and a real-time self-assessing score that tracks your progress on a subject. And with free mobile apps, StudyBlue can be taken on the go.

5. Marinara Timer

Tomato-shaped marinara timer.

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Despite making you hungry for some spaghetti, this site is dedicated to increasing productivity. Inspired by the Pomodoro method of productivity—working for 25 minutes and then taking a 5-minute break—Marinara Timer allows you to customize your own personal timer (complete with entertaining alarm sounds like “alien bot ordering lunch” or “echoing into space”) to study effectively.

Taking a small break while studying increases attention span, focus, and productivity. This site can help you reward yourself for your hard work by letting you know it’s time to sit back scroll through your Twitter feed or watch a few funny videos, and then letting you know when it’s time to get back to work.

6. StudyStack

Student types notes on an Mac laptop during a college class.

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Studying with flashcards has never been so easy. StudyStack allows users to create flashcard sets and use what others have already made. When a card is flipped, you can choose whether you got it right or wrong. Wrong cards will be repeated until you’ve learned it, making it a great tool for memorization.

Once created, the site can turn the information into a number of tools and games perfect for studying. You can play hangman, unscramble, or a matching game before taking quizzes and practice tests.

7. Memorize.com

Student types notes on a PC laptop during a college class.

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As its name suggests, this site is perfect for learning terms and definitions. Users can post articles, images, diagrams, and more to share general information on any number of topics. Memorize.com also encourages collaboration, working together to create the best learning tools for studying.

When you find a set you want to study, it’s offered in three different formats of varying difficulty—multiple-choice, matching, and finally the ever-popular flashcard. This engaging site can even award badges for completed sets. The site may not have been updated in a while, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of it.

8. Study Guides and Strategies

Student types notes on a laptop during a college class with syllabus beside him.

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If you want to learn how to learn, this site is for you. It has numerous articles on all sorts of learning styles—classroom learning, group learning, self-studying, etc.—as well as tips on how to write papers, how to manage your time, how to do presentations, solve problems, prep for and take tests, how to read critically, do effective research, and is available in about 40 different languages.

Study Guides and Strategies is a site chock full of in-depth looks at learning for a diverse variety of students. Whether you want to learn how to properly cite a paper or get over test anxiety, learn how to solve linear equations or how to navigate lab reports, this site can offer all that and much, much more. It might be an old site, but the information there is priceless.

9. Schooltraq 

A student's laptop, calculator, a book and a notebook on a desk.

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When you keep track of assignments, tests, and events, planning time to study becomes a lot easier. Schooltraq is an online digital planner that keeps due dates in check. An alternative to the traditional paper agenda, this site ensures you never lose your schedule as it syncs up between your phone and computer.

The design is sleek and simple, allowing for clarity and low stress. When your ducks are all in a row, school life becomes more manageable. This site can go beyond helping you study for your next test since you can use it for your personal life as well.

Many of the sites on this list have upgraded packages or “pro” accounts for some cost, but every single one has free tools ideal for any student. Give them a try and see which ones help you out the most.

Happy studying!

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6 thoughts on “9 FREE Online Study Tools Every Student Should Know About”

  1. Avatar Araceli Delgado Vargas says:

    Hola soy profesora del Instituto Politécnico Nacional y me gustaría utilizar esta aplicación con mis alumnos pero ¿sólo está en inglés???

    1. Avatar A student says:

      Hi, yes I believe it is only in English, but you may find other forms that are similar. ¡buena suerte!

  2. Avatar Zari says:

    College is challenging in many ways, and even the best high schools may not properly prepare you for college academics. Many high school students, even those in AP or honors programs, studied minimally and did very well, but this does not hold true for college. However, studying successfully in college does not mean spending hours upon hours memorizing in the library.

  3. Avatar Owen Davis says:

    I used Evernote, pretty amazing. Not sure why I stopped using it, perhaps don’t do as many notes now. Memory got better? Hmm.

  4. Avatar Jeffery says:

    College is a challenge at times, especially when trying to juggle work with assignments. I use to use Studystack which helped me become an expert at statistics. Now I’m an expert at statistics and teach it part-time at http://www.myknacks.com. it’s free to sign up and you get paid to teach when you’re available. Pretty fun and simple.

  5. Avatar Samantha Collins says:

    Great sources! I used to use Memorize to learn definitions, it was really helpful. Also I use some apps to improve memory in my work and study life.

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