10 MORE Online Study Tools Every Student Should Know About

Here are 10 more online study tools to check out

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As a student, having to deal with daily lessons and homework, not to mention exams and relationships, is no easy task. Let’s also not forget eating, sleeping, and every other activity that keeps us sane. With all the decision-making and responsibilities we take on to do well in our studies, it would really be great to have some assistance, which is where online study tools come in. That’s why we’ve listed 10 online study tools below to make your studies a lot more manageable.

Effective Study

It isn’t every day that we manage to find a helpful specialist that combines yet to be explored resources and in-depth knowledge. Effectivestudy.org is one of our recommended online study tools that provides numerous up-to-date articles on study methods and management tools that can help any student be the best that they can be. There’s more than enough reading material to go around, from tips on effective study methods to stress management. If easy-to-read articles and useful tools or applications are on your list, it’ll definitely be worth your while to pay them a visit.


It seems a little sadistic to implement negative reinforcement to your daily routine, but this is exactly why Beeminder helps to keep you on track. Just like Dorothy was told to follow the yellow brick road, there are consequences to stepping off the path. With this goal-tracking method, all you’ll have to do is answer a prompt with data or connect to a service that can provide that info. Your progress is shown on a backdrop of a spacious yellow line that’ll bite back with a demand for payment should you ever go off it. From academic goals to numerous other activities, this is one application that’s not afraid to sting.


Do you want to know everything and anything under the sun without poring through tons of literature? How about knowing all there is to know about a book in just 15 minutes? If that seems like an impossibility, then Blinkist just succeeded in defying the odds. With more than a thousand non-fiction books transformed into the essence required to understand a book, you’ll be able to save lots of time and gain even more knowledge. You’ll get to read one free pre-selected book per day. Or, you can pay a yearly affordable price to get your hands on even more juicy titles. That’s why Blinklist is another one of our online study tools recommendations.


It’s not every day we get to learn a course that doesn’t require sitting in a classroom or lecture hall. With Codecademy, you’ll be able to learn how to code in the comfort of your own room. Forget the traditional method of listening in class and handing in your homework a week later. This site provides effective, interactive courses on a variety of coding subjects (HTML, JavaScript, PHP, etc.) that follow a predefined path. You’ll be learning from the ground up in the most friendly way possible. With every brick that you gain, you’ll have your own house in no time.


Too often these days we find ourselves immersed in endless hours of social media, online games, and every other available website. With the Forest app, you’ll be rewarded with your very own virtual tree if your phone is left untouched for a certain period. If you leave the app for any reason, your tree will be killed and you’ll have to start all over again. It gives a pretty good measure of your own level of focus and also the opportunity to concentrate on other important aspects of your life.

Hemingway App

Most people do not have access to an English teacher 24/7. This is usually not a problem until we come face to face with a written assignment. Sure, we can always ask a friend to help check our work, but even friends have trouble spotting every little error. This is where the Hemingway Editor can help out. It utilizes a handy color indicator to highlight parts that require change. Every color signifies a part that can be perfected. You’ll even be provided with an alternative choice of word or phrase so that you won’t end up scratching your head.

My Study Life

This handy app totally pummels your paper planner into the ground. You might not have been a fan of virtual calendars and to-do apps, but this one will probably have you changing your mind. Rotating schedules? Check. Daily and weekly reminders? Check. Friendly interface? Check. Syncing across all devices? Check. Oh wait, how about accessing it offline? Check, of course! When you do go online again, it’ll automatically sync so you won’t have to move things around just to have it updated (and it’s also one thing your pet won’t get to chew on and destroy).


Tired of to-do lists that almost seem a mile long? With the Todoist app, you’ll have access to any task at any time and on any device. If you’ve had to rely on phone calls, messages and emails to collaborate on a shared task, you’ll be happy to know that Todoist lets you share your tasks with whomever you choose in real-time. Large, complicated projects can easily be broken down into small, manageable parts. You’ll also be notified if changes are made in a shared project, so you won’t have to worry about missing out.

Wolfram Alpha

Think dictionary. Now think dictionary, all-time trivia answers and every known formula and computation rolled into one; that’s Wolfram Alpha for you. There will come a time when computers will be able to provide us with an answer to every question asked. And no, it will not give you choices to pick from like search engines these days. How Wolfram Alpha works to give us the most accurate answer to a factual question is by computing an answer based on carefully sourced “curated data”.


Want an easy way to tackle your list of things to do? With Wunderlist, you’ll not only have access to your virtual list on every single device, but it also provides nifty folders to help you organize everything. From the simplest task of remembering to feed your pet to make sure that your travel itinerary is completed, you can easily set reminders and due dates so you won’t miss your deadline again. As if that isn’t already wonderful, you’ll also be able to share your lists with anyone you choose. Now that’s a sweet deal.

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