Time Management Hacks, Apps, and Sites! All for the price of FREE!

Time is a fickle thing, and there never seems to be enough of it. There are enough time-related phrases to make your head spin–“Running out of time”; “Just in the nick of time”; “On borrowed time”; “Race against time” and so on. In our busy day and age, everything is always go-go-go. Schedules are packed, to-do lists are long, time management seems impossible, and people always find themselves “short on time.”

So how can you best manage your time? Traditional planners or schedules are all well and good, but they can be bulky and cumbersome (not to mention reading your own handwriting can be like deciphering some ancient code).

Luckily there are plenty of online and mobile time management apps and resources to help with your tasks, schedules, projects, and more. With reminders, prioritization options, and data trackers, these 5 time management sites and apps can help you utilize your time to the greatest effect.


This program is all about tracking your daily habits to see how much time you spend on certain tasks–or procrastinating. RescueTime can run on either mobile devices or computers and has both free and pro features.

With a free account, users can track time spent on digital activities like browsing websites or writing in a Word doc. The program can also factor in how productive the user was at those activities, based on the goals set up. RescueTime will send you detailed reports and weekly summaries of how your time was used, and even give a productivity score!

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MyLifeOrganized (MLO)

Offering both free and pro accounts to both iOS and Android users, MLO is a to-do list manager. Simple, slick, elegant, and easy to use, this app can help you organize and prioritize tasks, as well as keep track of them.

MLO can sync from mobile to computer, and vice versa, so all of your scheduling needs are always available. With features like reminder alerts, goal planning, context, and easy search options, MLO can be a big help for students with busy lives.

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Also available for iOS and Android devices, Any.do is a highly versatile time management app perfect for student life. Users can create daily tasks, create and organize lists, upload files, and even share/collaborate with others.

Any.do can also set up reminder alerts so you never forget an event or due date. You can add notes, break down bigger projects, and even set up notifications. Its customization allows it a greater range of use than other to-do list managers.

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Sorry Android users, this one is only for iOS. Known as the “to-do list for procrastinators” Finish offers categorized to-do management. You can select a task to be short-term, mid-term, or long-term, and watch it move up the list as the due date draws nearer and nearer. It won’t be easy to forget what is due when if Finish is used, especially since users can set up reminders as well.

There’s nothing quite like checking off a task when it’s done, right? Finish knows that and so they implemented a “swipe-to-complete” feature that finishes a task with a checkmark and a celebratory sound. Sweet, sweet accomplishment. And if you’re scatterbrained (like I am) and can’t remember which tasks you’ve completed, don’t worry–Finish archives all completed tasks.

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It’s nice to visualize your daily to-dos, right? DayViewer is an online calendar that can keep track of daily and weekly tasks you have to accomplish. It will show its users overdue and upcoming tasks so they can stay on target.

In addition to functioning as a calendar, DayViewer also has the ability to log contact information so you don’t forget names, addresses, or phone numbers. You can also write in your digital journal or diary on the daily, as DayViewer has a spot for that as well.

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While most of these apps and sites have paid upgrades available, even their free options will aid in time management and scheduling. With these tools in hand, go out there and be productive!