The Best Apps and Digital Tools for Students

There are plenty of digital tools and apps for college students to use!

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Being a student is one of the most exciting but also one of the most hectic and stressful times of your life. Keeping on top of all of your demands is often quite challenging. A large component of being successful as you study is managing your time well and learning to prioritize. Of course, you don’t have to do this all on your own; there is a plethora of amazing digital tools and apps for college students out there that can help you manage your workload and schedule more easily and efficiently.

iStudiez Pro

School is a busy time for anyone, with all of the lectures, assignments, tests, clubs and meetings, and various other time-consuming things. Using apps like iStudiez Pro can help you keep track of all of your classes and assignments, as well as other social engagements. It also sends reminder notifications for appointments and assignment due dates. Plus, it keeps track of your Professors’ contact information.

Scanner Pro

The endless amount of papers that you get—outlining courses, reading lists, assignment descriptions and deadlines, etc.—can get pretty cluttered quite fast. To make sure you don’t lose any important handouts, use Scanner Pro. Photo capture and convert hard documents to PDF instantly and save to a cloud storage service of your choosing. This will give you peace of mind that you won’t lose any important documents. It also lightens your load by allowing you to go paperless.

Google Scholar

Speaking of papers, when it comes to writing essays or completing research projects, Google Scholar is an excellent tool for students. When used correctly, it can turn researching and looking for sources into an easy task.


No essay or research paper/project is complete without a bibliography. Of course, depending on your area of discipline, the bibliography format will vary. However, if you are using MLA, APA, or Chicago/Turabian citation styles, EasyBib is a great tool. It quickly and accurately generates your works cited page.


Of course, when you are writing such important assignments, like term papers, having them easily accessible and safely stored is key. However, when you save documents that you are working on in your Microsoft OneDrive, then perhaps transfer finished documents over to your Dropbox, storage, and recall can get a little tricky. Documents actually work with all of these storage options, as well as Google Drive, offering you complete access to everything you need – anytime anywhere – all in one spot, which will cut out a lot of searching, as well as frustration and anxiety.

Password Generator

Because you will have a login for your student portal, digital blackboards for each course, the library, your student email, and any clubs or societies that you are involved in, you can end up with a lot of accounts and therefore a lot of passwords. Many of these accounts also handle incredibly important and sensitive information, so creating strong and secure passwords is of utmost importance. Using a tool like the Password Generator can help you quickly and efficiently create secure passwords for each account. Since you need to use different passwords and security questions and answers to each account, as well as change your passwords frequently, this little tool will help you save time and give you peace of mind.


Speaking of the library, what if you can’t find something at your school library? Or you don’t feel like going out of the house? Scribd is your solution. It is frankly a tool that no student should live without. It is essentially the biggest online library. You can even personalize it according to your research topic or study interests.

iTunes U

Along a similar line, iTunes U is also a great portal for extended learning. It’s perfect for the over-achiever who wants to learn a little bit more on a subject. Or, the easy-goer who needs to catch-up before the exam.

iTunes U is a portal offering lectures and course material from some of the best schools. You have access to exceptional content right at your fingertips.


And while we are talking about exams, literature students will be amiss if they don’t consult CliffsNotes at least once or twice. It’s not a good idea to rely on this alone instead of actually reading the material. But when you have five courses and a novel a week to read for each, CliffsNotes can be a really good study aid for refreshing on characters, plot, themes, and the like.

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