27 Must Have Items for Your Freshman Dorm Room

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Moving into your freshman dorm is like starting a new chapter in your life. You have the (somewhat limited) space to express yourself, show off your style, and build something of your very own. Sure, decorations are a big part of that, but what about the other essential dorm room items? What should you bring? What will you need?

We’ve crafted this handy list of some essential (and classic) dorm room items to stock your new digs.

Bedding & Towels

Dorm room -- Chanasya Plush Throw Blanket

Sleep is a precious (if rare) commodity during college, so you’ll want to stock up on comfy and cozy bedding gear. Having an extra set of sheets is a lifesaver too, just in case you spill coffee during your late-night study sessions.






Dorm room -- Umbra photo display

Whether you want to make a personal statement or bring a little bit of home with you, decorating your dorm is one of the more fun aspects of moving to college. String up lights, put up posters, hang cool banners, or slap some decals on the wall. There’s plenty of options to make your dorm room unique.

Wall Art



Picture Frames


Dorm room -- Basic foldable cubes

So many things, itty-bitty living space. Save yourself (and your roommate) the headache of a messy dorm by keeping your things organized, orderly, and stored with these handy organizational tools.


Portable Drawers



Desk Organizers


Dorm room -- laundry hamper

A dorm is a space of your own, but that comes with the responsibility of upkeep and cleanliness. That tedium can be made easier, however, with some basic home-care products. Also, you’ll want to bring some additional functionality gadgets like lamps and fans to make your room as comfortable as possible.

Laundry Hamper


Power Strip


Shower Caddies


Dorm room -- A sofa sack

There may not be much space in your room, but you can maximize the potential with comfy lounge seating for movie or Netflix marathons after a hard day of studying. Futons are a college dorm classic, but it’s worth exploring other fun options too.



Bean Bag Chair


Dorm room -- Aicok Single Serve Coffee Maker

Who wants to trudge down to the cafeteria or food store for every single meal or little study snack? That’s where these mini-sized appliances come in handy. Conveniently located and sized, they are ideal dorm must-haves.



Mini Fridge


We live in a digital and electronic age. Luckily these devices can keep you entertained, informed, and on top of your game. Some people like to listen to music while studying, others like to binge watch the latest and greatest TV shows to unwind after an exam. Whatever the reason, these devices have you covered.




Excited to create your dorm space now? Good luck!

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