Managing Stress: Tips for Freshman College Students

We put together some stress management tips for college freshmen.

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It’s perfectly normal to be worried or nervous about heading to college! However, not everyone’s anxieties are the same. Here are three common worries and stress management tips on how you can help deal with the stress.

Nervous About Homesickness

Are you worried about leaving your parents, your siblings, and your pets at home? Worried you may miss them? Homesickness is an extremely common concern for many freshmen attending college, especially if you come from a very close-knit family. It can even be tough to leave behind the room you’re comfortable in, the food, or your own bed.

The first part of dealing with this fear is becoming comfortable at college. Take time to thoroughly explore the new campus and become comfortable in your new surroundings. Also, make plans to talk to your family. You may not want to call them every night to chat, but a few times a week can help all of you get used to the adjustment. (After all, they’re probably nervous too!) However, it’s also important that you learn to become comfortable living alone during this phase of your life.

Nervous About Self-Doubt

Another common fear when it comes to college is self-doubt. You may be worried that you’re really not ready for college, high school was a fluke, or you’re not prepared for the challenges.

You ARE ready, you ARE prepared, and high school WASN’T a fluke! Your college admission office chose you to attend their school. They see applications day in and day out. They know what they’re looking for in a strong student and they chose you!

There is an adjustment period when it comes to college though and it won’t be the same as high school. It will help, early on, for you to create a personal schedule and learn time management. Study time is extra important during this period of your life.

Nervous About Roommates

Roommates are usually strangers. You never know who you might get. And this is a legit worry – What if they’re odd? What if you don’t get along? That comes with meeting or living with anyone new.

You may not be the best of friends (or you may become over time!), but learning respect on both sides is essential to making a roommate situation work. And if it doesn’t work out, most schools give you the option to change roommates between semesters.

Almost all students are nervous about something before they head off to college for the first time. This is completely normal and you won’t be alone! There will be plenty of other students in the same boat as you, dealing with their own anxieties. But it will get better, no matter what is causing your stress!

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