Why You Should Follow Your College on Social Media

There are many things soon-to-be-freshman should do before their first year of college starts. One of those things should be to follow their college’s social media profile(s). Here’s why:

Keep Up to Date on News

Nowadays, social media platforms are where many people get their news. Whether it’s a trending topic or updates from pages you follow. Following your college on Twitter or Facebook can help keep you informed of deadlines, events, requirements, emergencies, or things like construction detours, schedule changes, and so on.

Freshman Year Hype

The excitement only grows as the summer goes on. The closer you get to move-in day, the bigger the butterflies become, right? One great way to hype yourself up is by scrolling through the feeds of your college’s social media pages. They can post beautiful pictures of campus, students with the beloved mascot, or give you helpful tips for moving in or creating your schedule. You can bet they probably have a video of your team’s fight song too.

Explore Organizations and Events

Academics is only one part of the college experience. There’s also the community involvement aspect. While there will be a student org fair and plenty of events flyers on campus, the internet is another ideal place to discover the communities you could be a part of. The social media profiles might link out to other, more specific pages dedicated to the very organizations, intramurals, or events that interest you the most. Also, look for calendars that detail what’s happening when.

Connect with Fellow Students

You can start to make friends before orientation even happens! Or, at the very least, get a look at your fellow classmates before even stepping foot on campus. It can be really exciting seeing the diversity of people you’ll be studying with. You can also find like-minded people who share your interests and passions. It’s a great introduction to your next 4+ years.

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