How to Engage with Your Chosen College Online

Here are some ways to engage in your college online before you get to campus

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If you’ve accepted your college for the upcoming fall (congratulations!), there are plenty of ways to engage before you arrive on campus. Here are just a few ways to take part in your new school before classes begin.

Sign Up For Orientation to Engage

Many colleges make signing up for freshman orientation or student events mandatory. If you haven’t chosen a date with the acceptance paperwork you sent in, make sure to do that online as soon as possible. As the summer goes on, there will be less vacancies for the days you want to attend. Most schools will have the ability to sign up right online.

While you’re on the page, check out what you’ll be doing during your orientation! See if there are any events or shows you may want to be a part of during the student weekend, or put together a checklist of questions you want to ask at orientation.

Like Your College on Social Media

Now is the time to start following and interacting with your college on social media (have you checked out our social media feature?). This includes Facebook, of course, but you may also want to see if they have a Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Some schools even have accounts on Snapchat! Colleges’ social media pages have wonderful information about summer on campus, upcoming events, various clubs, college life, and student or classroom highlights.

Each school is different so follow now and see what’s happening at your future home. You may want to see if they have specific pages designed for incoming freshman or even your major. Some schools will also have profiles for departments such as financial aid, student organizations, career services, and more. Follow or like the pages that interest you most to stay up to date and involved.

Follow or Contact Potential Clubs and Groups

If there are particular college clubs or groups you’re interested in joining when you move into your dorm, you can definitely start investigating them now. They may even have a social media page for you to follow or a Facebook group you can join. More than likely they will also have a section featured on your college’s website. Visit that page to see how you can contact them and get involved in the upcoming semester.

If you’re not sure what clubs you may want to join, visit your school’s student organization page. They will often have a list of all clubs, groups, and organizations in one place. Start by looking at groups within your major and then branch out to explore other interests. You may decide you want to be a part of Greek life, join the student government, or travel with an outdoors organization. You have months to check out the hundreds of groups your college has available on campus.

Although your move in date may be still several months away, it is never too early to start getting involved in your future college. These are just a few ways you may want to start taking part online. Start on their website to see what your school has to offer.

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