Check out College Raptor’s New Social Media Feature!

You can learn a lot about a college by visiting them, browsing their websites, attending a college fair, or talking with an alumni, but there is another great way to learn more about the atmosphere and community of a college—through social media!

Our new social media feature:

College Raptor recently added a new tab onto every college’s page that includes Twitter accounts, YouTube videos, and Facebook pages—featuring official posts from the schools themselves as well as the student body! Now you can take a real-time look as to what’s happening on campus and what the students are saying about it.

A screenshot of our new social media feature on a college's page

Simply go to a college’s page and click on the Social Media tab, where you’ll be brought to a page with various media platforms. Click on your favorite and scroll on through the feed to stay up to date with the latest happenings. You can learn a lot about a school through the internet, and this is one great way to get a sneak peek into student life and school spirit.

Social media for sports or student groups:

Interested in following a certain sport or student group? Click on the drop-down All
Timelines tab to see what’s available!A new social media feature addition is our sports timelines

Our new social media banners:

And if you want to only browse one of the three social media platforms, you can sort which one you want from the banner at the top of the page.

Social media feature - Click these buttons for social media pages


Twitter is a great place to see how people are reacting to a game in real-time! Facebook might have postings for events or groups you could be interested in. And YouTube is a fantastic place to view school highlights or even virtual campus tours. Happy browsing!