Get Hyped for College with Social Media!

college social media

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You’ve been accepted to schools, and you’ve finally made your decision about where you want to go. You’ve signed up for your dorm room and your meal plan, maybe even your classes. Now what? Time to explore via college social media!

There’s a lot of college social media out there.

Most colleges and universities have their own Twitter feeds and Facebook pages for students and alumni to follow. It’s a great way for new students to keep abreast of all the happenings on campus. This allows you to be involved before you even get there!

It’s also a great way to learn about your school. Who are the guest speakers there? What fun things have they put together for the students this weekend? How are the sports teams doing? You can also get a feel for the mentality of the student body by studying the reactions of the followers: Every “@______” and “#collegelife” will be a piece of the puzzle you will put together over the next four years.

Another great way to be involved is to watch YouTube videos of campus events. What does the hype video for the upcoming school year look like? Or the ‘welcome freshmen!’ video? What’s the campus story on Snapchat? There are so many ways to interact with your school nowadays, and it’s up to you to discover them!

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